Rome for children - what to see. Where to go with your child in Rome

Rome for kids

Rome for kids

Going on vacation with the whole family, it is worth planning the travel itinerary in advance, especially if it is Rome. The only problem in Rome is that it's hard to choose where to go. There are many places that you want to see. For the whole family, including the smallest travelers, we recommend several places for entertainment.

One of a kind

If the child is tired of looking at the sights, and excursions to museums are no longer of interest, it is worth visiting the Roman zoo BIOPARCO di Roma. The Romans call it Biopark. There you can see exotic animals and plants brought from five continents. Many animals live in free enclosures, so watching them will be very interesting for both small and adult children. There is a train for kids that will ride around the zoo.
The next place for entertainment should be the Children's Museum. It should be said right away that this is an unusual museum that everyone is used to. This is a real place for children, here you can and should touch everything with pens, assemble and disassemble, and do whatever you want.

We rest actively

For an amazing holiday not only for children, but also for parents, you should choose Villa Borgose. Why exactly her? Will the children be interested there? Children can:

  • Ride a pony;
  • Play at Casino Rafaello;
  • Have an active rest, cycling, rollerblading, ice skating;
  • Soar into the sky in a hot air balloon.

Parents at this time can give themselves time: wander through the alleys, learn a lot of interesting things about Villa, her owners and take a look at Rome from the Pincio observation tower.
Wondering what else to see with children? After all, there are many places, but you want something unusual. How about Zoomarine in Torvaianica?
Zoomarine in Torvaianica is a field trip, but choosing it will delight both children and their parents. Your attention will have a rest on a golden beach and swimming in a pool, an opportunity to look at the era of dinosaurs with your own eyes, and, of course, attractions. Adults will be interested, informative and not boring at all. And for smaller travelers it is fun, memorable, exciting. So what children can do:

  • See parrots and walk in the jungle;
  • Visit the pirate lagoon and dolphin island;
  • The bay of fur seals will greet children with unusualness;
  • Plains of birds of prey - danger;
  • 4D cinema is a must-see.

Having visited Rome on vacation with children, you will probably want to come at least once again. After all, Rome is a city for children. And you can't argue with that.


  • Rome for kids
  • Rome for kids