Flag of Kuwait: photo, history, meaning of the colors of the national flag of Kuwait

Kuwait flag

The flag of the State of Kuwait was approved as an integral symbol of the country in September 1961. It was then that Kuwait became independent from the British Empire..

Description and proportions of the flag of Kuwait

Kuwait's flag has a classic rectangular shape. The canvas is painted in four colors, each of which has an important symbolic meaning for the inhabitants of the country. The main field of the flag, the sides of which are relative to each other in a 2: 1 ratio, is divided into three equal horizontal stripes. The top of the Kuwait flag is colored dark green, the middle is white, and the bottom of the flag is bright red. From the pole, a black trapezoid is cut into the body of the panel, the base of which coincides with the pole edge of the flag.
The white field of the Kuwait flag symbolizes the desire for peace and peaceful work. The black trapeze on the Kuwait flag is a reminder of the battlefields where thousands of soldiers and civilians died. The red stripe is the blood of Kuwaiti patriots who gave their lives for a sovereign bright future. The green part is peaceful pastures where people work.
The Kuwait flag is used both on land and at sea. It serves as both the state and civil flag, and is also considered the official flag of the Navy. The ground forces use a slightly different symbol..
Kuwait's flag is revered by the people of the country, and its desecration is considered a state crime. The fact of the production of the cloth, the length of which was about two kilometers, is entered in the Book of Records. It was sewn by schoolgirls in honor of the half-century anniversary of the independence of the State of Kuwait.

History of the flag of Kuwait

Until the country gained independence, the flag of Great Britain served as the flag of Kuwait for a long time. Only after proclaiming sovereignty on June 19, 1961, the country was able to use its own state symbol. Kuwait's flag was created using traditional Pan-Arab colors.
The motif of the flag of Kuwait is also used on the coat of arms of the state. It was approved in 1963. The coat of arms is a disc formed by the spread wings of a golden falcon. Inside the disc is a picture of a ship flying the Kuwait flag. The ship sails on the waves, symbolizing the waters of the Persian Gulf. Above it you can see a bright blue sky, and the coat of arms is crowned with a white ribbon with the name of the state inscribed in Arabic script. On the chest of a falcon, considered the main symbol of the Prophet Muhammad, a heraldic shield is applied, repeating the colors of the Kuwait flag and their location on the cloth.

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