Prices in Lebanon - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Lebanon

Prices in Lebanon

By Middle Eastern standards, prices in Lebanon are quite high (the country has high accommodation prices): milk costs $ 1.3 / 1 liter, eggs - $ 1.5 / 10 pcs., And lunch in an inexpensive cafe will cost you $ 15-17.

Shopping and souvenirs

Lebanese shopping will be no worse than French or Italian: for example, in Beirut you can go shopping for fashion brands (Fendi, Burberry, Prada, Hermes, Gucci). In addition, the capital will delight you with its shopping districts - in Burj Hamoud you can walk through small shops and gold markets; many boutiques you will meet in the Varda area; and you will find shoe shops and shops with clothes on Hamra Street. As for gold jewelry, it is best to buy it in the old market in Tripoli, and handmade yarn and embroidery in Byblos..

From Lebanon it is worth bringing:

  • antiques, copper products (vases, trays, bowls), wrought iron swords, Lebanese ceramics, handmade tapestries, high-quality fabrics with embroidery, leather products, elegant boxes, hookahs, rosary, coffee pots, Lebanese cedar figurines, souvenir bottles with colored sand, gold jewelry, small fragments of ancient fossils, Shuf silk embroidery, Sarafand glass;
  • coffee, spices, Lebanese baklava and wine.

In Lebanon, you can buy high-quality Lebanese hookah for $ 1000, spices - from $ 1.5, Lebanese wine - from $ 6, souvenir bottles with colored sand - from $ 10, olive soap - from $ 4.

Excursions and entertainment

Going on a tour of Beirut, you will be able to visit the National Museum, go to the Dog River, admire the ancient rock carvings, and visit the Jeita Grotto. As part of this excursion, you will be taken to the town of Byblos, where you can wander through the old fishing harbor and narrow streets, as well as visit the Church of St. John the Baptist. For this excursion you will pay $ 60.

You should definitely see the natural landmark of Beirut - Pigeon Rocks: they can be viewed from the shore from the observation deck (free of charge) or from a boat (the price can be negotiated with the locals).


The entire Lebanon can be crossed in just 3 hours, so there are no domestic flights and railways in the country. To get around, you can use the services of city or international buses, “service”-taxi (minibuses). Service taxis can accommodate 4-6 people, so they hit the road as soon as all the seats are occupied (the fare within the city for several kilometers costs about $ 1.3). As for travel by city buses, it costs a little cheaper - $ 0.7-0.9.

If you wish, you can rent a car: the minimum rental cost is $ 35-40, and if you hire a driver, then you will pay about $ 20 more for this service..

If you rent a small room and eat from street vendors, then on vacation in Lebanon you will keep within $ 30-35 per day for 1 person. But for the greatest comfort, you will need $ 80-100 per day for 1 person.