Resorts of Lebanon: photos, description

Lebanon resorts

The Middle Eastern state with a mighty cedar on its flag is a colorful, friendly and always open to visitors Lebanon. Its historical monuments and picturesque natural landscapes, colorful cuisine and cute local customs are quite worthy of becoming a reason to visit the country on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. By the way, the resorts of Lebanon are far from the last place in the priority lists of those travelers who know a lot about quality and comfortable beach holidays. To dispel all the remaining doubts of a potential tourist, let's not forget to talk about his ski resorts, where there is a chance to catch a real fresh wind on the slopes overgrown with cedars..

Always in the TOP

All summer Lebanese resorts located north of the capital have characteristic rocky shores and not very convenient entry into the water. They are not very suitable for a traditional beach holiday. Especially if travelers arrived with children. South of Beirut, the picture is changing, and the rocks and secluded coves are replaced by fine golden sand and relatively convenient infrastructure. The entrance to the swimming and sunbathing area is usually paid, but the beach guest gets the opportunity to use sun loungers and umbrellas and a fresh shower.
There are several places for sunbathing in the capital of the state, Beirut, but almost no one swims in these areas. It is best to take a taxi and go to the town of Junie, a couple of tens of kilometers from the center of the capital, where the water is cleaner and there is sand.
Full of ancient history, Byblos has everything for an interesting and exciting holiday. The abundance of archaeological and cultural attractions does not prevent the guests of this Lebanese resort from making time for visiting the beaches, which are clean and comfortable here. The Lebanese sea looks especially romantic in the area of ​​the bay, on the shore of which the ruins of the Crusader fortress are preserved.

On the tops of the gray mountains

Ski resorts in Lebanon on the Mediterranean coast? Yes, you heard right, and in winter in the local mountains there is a completely sporty atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy all the delights of quality skiing. Among the six resorts in Lebanon, where you can enjoy active holidays, two are especially popular:

  • Faraya Mzaar has more than forty ski slopes, some of which are quite difficult. Great views of Beirut and the Bekaa Valley will delight even the seasoned traveler.
  • The Cedar resort boasts a long - from mid-autumn to April - season and many challenging slopes. There are opportunities for freeriding and snowmobiling on real mountain virgin lands.