Vilnius observation decks. List of the best viewpoints in Vilnius

Vilnius observation decks

Vilnius observation decks

Have you included the ascent to the Vilnius observation decks in your recreation program? Having implemented your plans, you will be able to look at the Užupis district, the Ausros gate, the Church of the Holy Spirit and other objects from an unusual angle..

Observation deck at the intersection of Myrone and Subačiaus streets

Having found it, travelers will be able to admire the entire Old Town, the Gediminas Tower, the Church of St. Anne, and they will be able to recognize what exactly they see with the help of an information board equipped on the site..

Observation deck in the shopping center “Gedimino 9”.

To admire the views of the Old Town, it is recommended to visit the observation deck on the 5th floor of the shopping center “Gedimino 9”. Address: Gedimino prospektas, 9.

Gediminas Tower

From the observation deck of the tower (its height is 20 m; a staircase of 78 steps leads to it), guests admire the tiled roofs of the Old Town and the valley of the Neris River. You can buy a ticket at the entrance to the tower, covering the path on foot along the Castle Hill or going upstairs using the funicular.

How to get there? You can get there by trolleybuses No. 3, 20, 4, 17,14 or buses No. 88, 33, 89, 10 (address: Arsenalogatve 5).

Vilnius TV Tower

The building (its height is over 320 m) has a restaurant “Milky Way” at a height of 165 meters (an elevator takes guests to the 55th floor in 45 seconds) - it serves as one of the best observation platforms, and a 360˚ view (visibility up to 50 km) opens due to the fact that the establishment is located on a rotating platform. And at the entrance to the TV tower, you should pay attention to the photo exhibition, which is dedicated to the tragic events of January 1991.

It should be noted that upon completion of the reconstruction of the building, which is planned to begin in 2015 (it will take about 4 years), guests and residents of Vilnius will have the opportunity to visit the open observation deck. The panoramic restaurant is open from 11:00 to 23:00.

How to get there? Having got on the bus number 16, 18 or 11, you need to get off at the stop “Televizijos bokstas” (address: 10 Sausio 13-osiosgatve).

Mountain of Three Crosses

Near the monument in the form of three stone crosses (before they were wooden) you can find a viewing platform where you can admire Vilnius in an atmosphere of silence, in particular the Gediminas Tower (it is better to climb the mountain along the path through Kalnu Park).

Address: B. Radvilaitesgatve 12 (can be reached by buses No. 44 and 33).

Bell tower of the Church of St. John

Anyone can climb to the viewpoint at a 45-meter height by overcoming more than 190 steps, but if necessary, you can use the elevator (accommodates 4 passengers).

Address: Sv. Jonogatve 12.


  • Vilnius observation decks
  • Vilnius observation decks
  • Vilnius observation decks