Tours to Vilnius (Lithuania). Holidays in Vilnius: photos, tours

Tours to Vilnius

Tours to Vilnius

The capital of Lithuania is located in the southeast of the country at the confluence of the Vilnia and Vilia rivers. Vilnius received the capital status already at the beginning of the 14th century from the Grand Duke Gedemin. Today the Lithuanian capital is a tasty tourist morsel for every traveler, because its historical center is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Tours to Vilnius are chosen by lovers of architectural antiquity and those who prefer a cozy atmospheric Europe as an option for spending their Christmas holidays..

Briefly about the important

  • The moderate continental climate of Vilnius and the strong influence of the Baltic form a weather with a predominance of cloudy days and a considerable amount of precipitation. In winter, thermometer columns often go into minus, without dropping, however, below -10. There is a lot of snow, as well as rain in the summer. Early autumn and late spring are good times for tours to Vilnius. Precipitation is unlikely and temperatures are comfortable for long walks.
  • Tours to Vilnius usually start at the international airport, from which buses go to the city. You can also get to the capital of Lithuania by train or car. The best way to get around the city is by trolleybuses or buses. You can purchase e-tickets from drivers and at special kiosks.
  • Fans of a healthy lifestyle and environmentalists have long chosen a bicycle as a means of transportation. During the tour to Vilnius, guests rent two-wheeled cars and use them for city tours.
  • An excellent Vilnius attraction is a funicular to the top of the Castle Hill. In addition to the pleasure of the surrounding views, the cable car also has a purely practical value - it lifts tourists to the Gedemina tower.
  • Guests arriving in Vilnius for the Christmas holidays are given the opportunity to go ice skating on the city's open skating rink, which is flooded every year on Gedemino Avenue.
  • Tours to Vilnius are a great opportunity to join the most popular museum expositions in the city. In total, about sixty of them are open in the capital of Lithuania. The most famous are the Lithuanian Art and National Museums, and the most popular among the people are the Adam Mickiewicz Museum, the KGB Museum and the House of Collector Varnelis.
  • Once on a tour in Vilnius, travelers are happy to taste national Lithuanian dishes. The highlight of the program of any cafe is usually zeppelins, zrazy and the constant Shakotis cake..


  • Tours to Vilnius
  • Tours to Vilnius