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Tours to Palanga

Tours to Palanga

The amber necklace on the coat of arms and white beaches are symbols of Lithuanian Palanga, the exquisite and most beautiful of the Baltic resorts. It has been prestigious to have a rest here at all times. For a Soviet person, the Baltic States always seemed to be something almost inaccessible, almost foreign, and therefore tours to Palanga were given only to the lucky few. Today, more and more Russian tourists are resting on the beaches of the Lithuanian health resort, and the prestige of the resort is growing from season to season..

History with geography

A little more than three hundred kilometers of an excellent highway separates Palanga from the capital of Lithuania. The resort stretches along the Baltic coast for more than two dozen kilometers and its main treasure is snow-white beaches fringed with pine groves, and endless sand dunes, lightly ringing in strong Baltic winds. The air here is special, healing. It is saturated with volatile phytoncides of pines and sea iodine, and therefore the participants of tours to Palanga invariably note an improvement in their well-being..
Palanga was first mentioned in the chronicles of 1161. According to an old legend, Biruta lived here, who became the mother of Vitovt the Great, the ruler of the Lithuanian principality. The main occupations of the population until the 19th century were fishing and amber collection. Palanga's spa history began in 1880, when the first hotel and restaurant were opened in the city, and then a hospital for patients with joint diseases.

Briefly about the important

  • From Vilnius, where direct flights fly from Moscow, you can get to Palanga by bus or train to Klaipeda, and from there - by minibus. The Moscow - Vilnius train is also available, and the travel time on it is about half a day.
  • The resort has a number of balneological centers and the owners of a tour to Palanga can participate in any of the many health programs. Baths with sea and mineral water, healing mud wraps, massages and inhalations - local doctors and cosmetologists work wonders and achieve, together with patients, noticeable success in the prevention and treatment of dozens of ailments.
  • The beaches and climate of Palanga are ideal for all categories of tourists. Here you can not be afraid for the delicate skin of the child, because the sun in the Baltics is very soft and gentle. Senior travelers will appreciate the comfort of the hotels and the perfect service in restaurants and shops..
  • The best time for tours to Palanga is mid and late summer, when the Baltic water warms up to +23, providing opportunities for comfortable swimming.


  • Tours to Palanga
  • Tours to Palanga