Traditions of Macedonia - customs, photos

Traditions of Macedonia

Traditions of Macedonia

Like most of the Balkan states, Macedonia has long been a popular holiday destination for Europeans. Despite being landlocked, summer beach tourism thrives on the shores of Lake Ohrid. For the Russian traveler, the traditions of Macedonia turn out to be very similar to their own, because the culture of the two fraternal Slavic countries was formed at the same time and under the influence of similar religious and political conditions..

We ask to the table!

The culinary traditions of Macedonia require a separate story. One of the main products on the table of local residents is pepper, which is grown here at least forty species. Almost no black bread is baked, but the white loaf is very popular here. It is customary to dip pieces of bread in gravy and even soup made from chicken or lamb..
By the way, you cannot call the Macedonians too hospitable. In front of a guest who has stopped by for a chat, something more serious than chips and soda is rarely displayed. Only relatives staying overnight will be served a full meal.
Alcohol, according to the Macedonian tradition, is consumed here in small quantities. It is customary to dilute white wine with soda, and grape vodka is drunk a little from tiny glasses resembling a bottle cap..

And the gypsy daughter for her beloved in the night...

Macedonia is one of the poorest countries in Europe and it is here that you can meet a large number of Roma. Some of them live sedentary, their children attend school, and the adults earn their living by crafts. They fix shoes, sell souvenirs, forge various utensils and even make candles..
Other gypsies practice a very real nomadic lifestyle and travel around the country, fortune-telling, stealing horses and trading in not-too-legal goods. According to tradition, in Macedonia they have always been loyal to nomadic people, but recently they have been trying to fight with such gypsies of the camp - developing civilized tourism with such a neighborhood turns out badly.

Grooms and patriots

There are much more men in Macedonia than women, and therefore the girls here have several fans at once and can choose whom to give their hand and heart to. Having made friends with a Macedonian, you can hear a request to introduce him to a girl from Russia, because their brides are sorely lacking. By the way, the inhabitants of Macedonia are very patriotic and even the simple mention of the name of their country in international television news causes them enthusiastic exclamations and a surge of extraordinary pride..


  • Traditions of Macedonia
  • Traditions of Macedonia
  • Traditions of Macedonia