Holidays in Mauritius - photo. Summer Holidays in Mauritius 2015

Holidays in Mauritius

Holidays in Mauritius

Holidays in Mauritius are a riot of tropical greenery, white beaches, golf courses, endless blue lagoons, a high level of service ... Couples in love flock here to take part in wedding ceremonies, as well as divers and fishermen.

The main types of recreation in Mauritius

  • Beachfront: Flic-en-Flac beach can be a great place to relax - this white beach has gentle entrances to the water, and you can dive here almost near the coast.
  • Active: those who wish can go on ocean fishing, go diving (sea eagles, barracudas, blue marlins, white-feather sharks live in the waters of the Indian Ocean, which means you can meet them, as well as swim in coral gardens) and surfing.
  • Excursion: on excursions you will be offered to visit a tea factory and the Museum of Indian Immigration, stroll through the Pamplemousse Botanical Garden, visit a salt mine, go to the national park “Black river gorge”, to the village of Chamarel, to the waterfalls of the Grand Riviere-Sud-Est.
  • Event-driven: by planning a trip to Mauritius for various festive events, everyone can have fun at the festivities dedicated to the Chinese New Year (January-February), Spring Holi (March-April), the International Festival of Creole Culture (November-December).

Prices for tours to Mauritius

Vacationing in Mauritius is best in November-April. Tours to Mauritius are not cheap, and during this period, in particular for the New Year holidays, the prices for tours reach their price maximum.

Is your goal to save money? Plan your trip to Mauritius during the low season - May, August and September. During these months, not many tourists come to the island, so the prices for tours are slightly reduced. In June-July, you can also buy tours at competitive prices, but the rest during this period can be overshadowed by gusty winds, although if you are a fan of kite and windsurfing, then this may be the best time for you to relax..

On a note!

Since Mauritius is characterized by “capricious” weather, then on vacation it is advisable to have light things, raincoats and windbreakers. In addition to these things, you should pack beach slippers (coral debris often), sunglasses and creams in your suitcase.

A narcotic herb grows in Mauritius and is often sold uncontrollably on the beaches - if you do not want to pay a huge fine or go home immediately, it is not something that you should not eat, but just have it among your belongings..

Returning to your homeland, it is worth considering that corals and objects raised from the seabed illegally cannot be removed from the island..

In memory of a vacation in Mauritius, it is worth bringing models of old ships, wicker and pottery, jewelry made of onyx or coral, tea, electronics.

Holiday photos in Mauritius

  • Holidays in Mauritius
  • Holidays in Mauritius
  • Holidays in Mauritius