Car rental in Moldova. Car rental in Moldova - prices

Car rental in Moldova

Before you rent a car in Moldova, you should know what you will need:

  • Driver's license;
  • You must be 21 years of age or older;
  • Driving experience must be at least one year.

Features of the road traffic in Moldova

Here, relatively recently, the measures of responsibility for violation of traffic rules have been significantly toughened, which means that when renting a car in Moldova, be careful. The traffic rules themselves have undergone a significant change, so that you will actually drive according to common European norms.

The changes affected the maximum speed in settlements and urban areas. The speed dropped to 50 km / h. Moreover, you will have to require that a reflective vest must be attached to the car. According to the new laws, it will be required when you need to stop and repair the car on the road..

Recently, the use of dipped headlights on all cars has become mandatory, regardless of the time of day. This rule is valid from January 1 to March 31.

The punishment for drivers who drive a car while intoxicated has been greatly toughened. If the concentration of alcohol in the driver's blood exceeds the 0.8 ppm mark, he may be deprived of his license for as much as 5 years. It is better not to drive drunk here..

Many reputable car rental companies in Chisinau and other cities of the country have their own websites where you can find their conditions and prices. And at the same time, a car for rent can be booked in advance via the Internet.

Remember that when renting a car, the first thing you should do is check all scratches and faults, and ask to enter information about them in the contract and the vehicle acceptance certificate. This is a very important point, do not be lazy and, together with a company representative, check the entire car, otherwise it may happen that upon delivery of the car you will have to pay for all these scratches and malfunctions.

Carefully study the insured events, under what conditions the insurance is provided. The company cannot rent a car without insuring it, ask the company for an insurance policy.

Indicate who exactly will drive the car, if there is a second driver, then this should be noted in the contract. There are penalties for returning the car at the wrong time, you must read this clause in the contract. When renting a car in Moldova, the entire amount is paid at once, at the same time a deposit is taken, which in total is equal to two days of rent. You have to pay strictly in Moldovan lei, so you need to change money in advance.

If you got into an accident with a rented car or was hijacked, then you should inform the rental company as soon as possible. If there is a breakdown of the rented car, then the repair costs are borne by the company that rented the car..