Population of Monaco. Population of Monaco: features, density, composition

Population of Monaco

Population of Monaco

Monaco has a population of over 30,000.

The Ligurians, ancient tribes that inhabited Southeast Gaul and Northwest Italy, lived on the territory of Monaco in ancient times. At different times, the ethnic composition of the Mediterranean coast of Gaul, which was part of the current principality of Monaco, was quite variegated - Phoenicians, Gauls, Greeks, Arabs, Burgundians, Franks lived here..

Today the national composition of Monaco is represented by:

  • the French;
  • Italians;
  • Monegasques;
  • other nations (English, Swiss, Belgians).

On average, 17,000 people live per 1 sq. Km..

The official language is French, but in Monaco they also speak in English, Italian and Monegasque..

96% of residents of the Principality of Monaco are adherents of Catholicism, the remaining 4% - Protestantism, Anglicanism, Judaism.

Major cities: Monte Carlo, Fontvieille, La Condamine, Saint-Roman, Moneghetti.

Life span

On average, Monaco residents live up to 89.

Monaco is called the country of centenarians: this is largely due to the presence of well-equipped medical centers, funded by public funds. Medicine in Monaco is the best in Europe, and accordingly, the cost of medical services is quite high here..

Residents of Monaco practically do not face such diseases as high blood pressure and diseases of the cardiovascular system. This is because they follow a Mediterranean diet that reduces the risk of these ailments. People living in Monaco owe their high life expectancy to the special relaxing atmosphere prevailing in the principality: the cleanest environment helps to reduce stress levels and increase immunity.

Traditions and customs of the people of Monaco

Monegasques, the indigenous people of Monaco, still follow the traditions related to Christmas: on Christmas Eve it is customary for families to get together and before starting a festive dinner, the oldest or youngest member of the family plunges an olive branch into a glass of aged wine, reads a prayer in front of the fireplace, after which all household members take one sip from this glass.

In Monaco, local laws concerning, for example, the sale of real estate are interesting - this can be done only with the permission of the prince, who personally considers each case. This also applies to the opening of their own business by foreigners..

Going on vacation to Monaco? Please note that everything is expensive here - food, accommodation, entertainment..

In memory of Monaco, you should buy chocolate, clothing, jewelry, perfumes, ceramic items and knitwear.


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