Holidays in Montenegro in December: prices and weather. Where to relax in Montenegro in December

Holidays in Montenegro in December

Holidays in Montenegro in December

Montenegro is a country with three climatic zones. Despite this, the weather conditions in each region of Montenegro in December are very similar. The average daytime temperature is + 9C, but by night it gets colder to + 4C. Typically, the thermometer does not fall below zero degrees. The exception is mountainous areas, where it sometimes gets colder down to -8C. The warmest city is Budva: during the day it can be + 14C, at night + 6C.

The sea has time to cool down to + 15C, so swimming is hardly possible. In this regard, many tourists refuse to rest in Montenegro in winter, waiting for summer. If you wish, you can give preference to the ski resorts Kolasin, Zabljak and still visit Montenegro.

Holidays and festivals in Montenegro in December

  • Masliniada is a unique celebration, during which many businesses present products based on the use of local varieties of olives. Each guest of the festival can taste olives, extra virgin olive oil, oranges and tangerines, which were grown in Montenegro. However, the Masliniada is of interest not only due to tastings of delicious products, but also due to its rich cultural and entertainment program, which includes, among other things, a display of traditional folk costumes..
  • Winter Culture Days in Herceg Novi - a festival dedicated to classical music. The best soloists and orchestras of Montenegro participate in the winter days of culture.
  • Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, is famous for its December Culture Days, during which art exhibitions, theater performances, concerts are held.
  • December art scene in Podgorica. During this festival, tourists can visit theatrical and musical performances presented by artists from Montenegro and neighboring countries..
  • Days of Wine and Bleak in Virpazar. This holiday is dedicated to Montenegrin winemaking, national cuisine. All guests can taste local specialties and wines. The program includes the presentation of awards of the year for the quality of wine. Many people can enjoy cultural and entertainment events that are held on the picturesque coast of the Skadar region.

Perhaps you want to combine a vacation in Montenegro in December and a New Year's Eve? This opportunity must certainly be used, because in Montenegro, the New Year is celebrated so brightly! From December 31 to January 2, a festival is held in Budva and Kotor, in which Montenegrin and foreign pop stars participate and delight tourists with their creativity.

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  • Holidays in Montenegro in December
  • Holidays in Montenegro in December