Holidays in Montenegro in March: prices and weather. Where to relax in Montenegro in March

Holidays in Montenegro in March

Holidays in Montenegro in March

Everyone has long known about the ideal conditions for rest in the resorts of Montenegro. However, you can discover this country from a completely unknown side. One has only to choose time travel and surrender to the power of local legends and traditions. The most suitable for this will be a vacation in Montenegro in March, when there is still waiting and waiting before the high season opens. But the sights of the country can be admired at any time..

Weather conditions in March

As in all of Europe, spring is coming in Montenegro and demands a wide road for itself. March days, replacing each other, fill everything around with warmth, and even nighttime cold snaps are not so felt as in February.

The temperature column in the daytime has chosen the mark of +16 ° C, on rare days +22 ° C, at night it slides to +9 ° C. Unfortunately, the temperature on the sea coasts is far from comfortable, and even the most daring tourists choose only air baths..

The air smelled of spring, which means freshness, greenery and aromas of the first flowers. Towards the end of March, tourists will be able to enjoy the heralds of spring, delicate daffodils and tulips. And fruit trees bloom, covered with lush snow-white caps.

Sale season

Since the bulk of tourists are just packing their bags, the prices for goods in Montenegrin shops are low. Therefore, the first swallows, guests of the country, manage to conduct a thorough shopping at average prices and in the absence of a crowd of competitors..

In addition, in connection with the end of the winter season, the renewal of the assortment and the sale of warm clothes begin. Therefore, there is a good opportunity to dress up for the warm season..

Ostrog monastery

Having seen this grandiose architectural structure for the first time, many of their tourists do not believe that only human hands were attached to the construction of such a miracle, and there was no intervention from above. The monastery found a secluded place in the mountains between the cities of Podgorica and Danilovgrad. You can get here by private or rented car, but only if a very experienced driver is behind the wheel. Since it is not possible for everyone to overcome the narrow winding serpentine road.

It is best to take an organized excursion, the accompanying guide will tell a lot of mysterious legends and stories on the way..
Once in the local caves, hermit monks appeared, whose goal was to get away from worldly benefits and temptations. The later formed men's monastery is still in operation. The people revered on a par with the famous Athos and the shrines of Jerusalem.

It is interesting that pilgrims appear in the monastery - not only Christians (Orthodox and Catholics), but also Jews and Muslims. The monastery complex is divided into lower and upper, each has its own churches and attractions. The flow of those who suffer healing does not stop to the ark, which contains the relics of St. Basil of Ostrog.

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  • Holidays in Montenegro in March
  • Holidays in Montenegro in March