Car rental in Morocco. Car rental in Morocco - prices

Car rental in Morocco

Car rental in Morocco

You can taste traditional Arabian exoticism by going on a trip to Morocco. This country has ample opportunities for a comfortable stay, offers relaxation in popular resorts. Having visited this country, you should definitely bring home silk products, carpets, clothes and figurines as a gift to your friends. Many hotels have spa centers.

You can get to the country by charter flights directly or with transfers in European cities. For comfortable movement around the country, you can rent a car. Profitable car rental in Morocco will allow you to comfortably move between cities. To receive the service, you must have:

  • international driving license;
  • credit card;
  • age at least 21 years.

Renting a car in Morocco is a snap. All metropolitan areas have large local and international rental offices. It is still better to rent a car from reputable and well-known companies, for example, Avis, Hertz, Eurocar..

Useful Tips

  • First, you need to find out if the rental price includes insurance and taxes, since this amount can be deducted when the car is returned..
  • It is necessary to carefully inspect the machine for faults and damages, both technical and external, if any, shoot them on video and / or photograph.
  • Do not under any circumstances put your signature on the contract if something is written on it with a pen in French or Arabic!

Features of traffic rules in Morocco

Traffic in urban areas, frankly speaking, is not for beginners. It seems that taxi drivers and local motorists simply ignore traffic rules, move close to each other and honk tirelessly. In addition, this situation is complicated by horse-drawn carts, motorcyclists and simply pedestrians who cross the roadway where they please..

Traffic jams are common in megacities. There are a lot of gas stations in the country, both in cities and highways.

The tracks are mostly one- and two-lane, the roads are of excellent quality, the mountains are full of serpentines. In some places there are paid sections of highways, the fare is 20-70 rubles. (5-20 dirham).

Speeding is not recommended in Morocco - fines «bite» - from 700 rubles (200 dirham).

A visa is not required to visit Morocco if the stay does not exceed 90 days. The kingdom has several beaches that you should definitely visit. Also, when visiting the country, you can get acquainted with the work of local dancers and singers, traditionally performances are held in the capital of the state in the evening on the central square, where it is always crowded.


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