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Norwegian traditions

Norwegian traditions

One of the northernmost states in the world, Norway has been forming its own customs for centuries, in which there was a place for ancient Viking traditions, medieval legends, and a unique peasant culture. The cold climate, sparse nature and medieval laws formed the special traditions of Norway, and today are preserved by its inhabitants with special trepidation..

What are they, Norwegians?

The inhabitants of Norway do not adhere too much to the rules of etiquette, which is due to their simple peasant past. They will not exhaust themselves with doubts about how to call the interlocutor, and therefore "you" is quite a polite form of address here. Kissing when you meet is considered unhygienic, and shaking hands and touching the cheeks is quite common..
Material matters are called forbidden topics in communication according to the traditions of Norway. It is not customary to ask about the amount of income or salary, while gossiping about the material wealth of someone else is not forbidden.
Norwegians do not go to visit without warning or invitation, and when arriving or arriving, they must certainly inform the owners of the exact dates of departure. It will not be possible to violate them, since the receiving party on the appointed day or hour itself will point to the door. Norwegian traditions prescribe to say thank you for the hospitality and accompany each new visit with words of gratitude for the last reception..

About the Constitution

The main holiday for any descendant of the Vikings is Constitution Day. It is celebrated on May 17 and, despite the seeming formality, this holiday is quite family and home. According to the tradition of Norway, May 17 begins with a joint breakfast, after which all members of the family go on a solemn procession through the streets of the city. In the evening, the Norwegians gather again at the table, traditionally beautifully decorated in the colors of the national flag..

Useful little things

  • Smoking in public places in the Viking country is prohibited, and all parking lots are paid. Norwegian tradition prescribes cleanliness and nature conservation.
  • Do not allow yourself to make ironic remarks about the Norwegian royal family - it enjoys great respect and respect among its subjects..
  • It is not in the tradition of Norway to brag about wealth and the size of a bank account. Even very wealthy people live here quite modestly and are not distinguished by either expensive cars or luxurious jewelry..
  • Going to the theater, museum or just on a visit, do not seek to wear particularly elegant clothes. It is enough that it is clean, but it is no longer necessary to iron it.


  • Norwegian traditions
  • Norwegian traditions