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Diving in Oman

Diving in Oman

Diving in Oman is an opportunity to see the underwater world, which has practically not been touched by the hand of civilization. Amazingly colorful landscape will give you a lot of fun.

The waters of Oman are teeming with fish. Sandbanks are densely populated with crabs and shellfish, and deep-sea coral gardens are home to numerous schooling fish - angels, clowns, butterflies, lions and many, many others. They love the coastal waters of the state and dolphins, which can be found here almost everywhere.


Ras Sheikh Massoud offers divers stunning coral gardens.

Ras Salty Ali is a classic beach, but divers will be interested in the nearby cliffs.

Hut. A beautiful coral reef stretches along the entire coast and is located at a shallow depth, only 4 meters.

Choir of Najd. A dive site with sheer cliffs that adorn numerous coral formations.


The city beach of Mardjan and a small neighboring beach will be of interest to beginners. The descent into the sea is gentle, which is very convenient. With luck, you can even see a large sea turtle..

There is a large reef in the Darsite area, located just half a kilometer from the coast. Interesting underwater rocks, separately located coral formations will appeal to diving beginners. The only drawback is poor visibility, since the coast is also a beach area.

With its shallow depths, Matraha Bay has become a favorite habitat for numerous fish. Additionally, here you can see the rocky spurs of the nearest cape.

Al Jazeera Island. Off its southern coast, it is worth admiring the purple corals that have created incredibly beautiful underwater landscapes. The nearest promontory can make a good match for them with its forests of colorful coral. And the bay adjacent to the island will surprise you not only with unusual green water, but also with equally interesting fish and corals..

Shark braid

The dive site offers underwater caves connected by tunnels. The latter are densely populated with various marine life..

Cat island

The dive site is located 300 meters from the Science Center and is famous for its coral gardens. Here you will see all the variety of types and colors. Areas of the bottom covered with sand, numerous sponges have chosen as a place of residence.

Cemetery bay

It is interesting because at the northern coast you can admire the huge fields of pocillopor corals, which have very unusual shapes. And the southern coast was chosen as a habitat for brain corals. They grow to incredible size. Here, too, these are huge boulders reaching 5 meters in diameter. Age «pebbles» dates back several centuries.


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