Prices in Pakistan - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Pakistan

Prices in Pakistan

Prices in Pakistan are low: they are almost the same as in India (lunch in a mid-range restaurant will cost you $ 35 for two).

Shopping and excursions

Shopping in Pakistan will delight you with interesting, unique and inexpensive purchases (bargaining is appropriate in almost all stores and markets).

There are few shopping centers in Islamabad: but there are many oriental bazaars (here you can buy a variety of goods - from food to furniture), as well as souvenir shops (here you can buy glass bracelets, walking sticks, handkerchiefs decorated with hand embroidery, pottery, shoes with curved toes “salim shahi” and other original things).

As a souvenir of your vacation in Pakistan, you should bring:

  • handmade chess made of onyx, ivory, opal, jasper, agate, red or sandalwood (souvenir, standard and decorative sizes), salt lamps, Punjabi ceramics, jewelry boxes, silk and cashmere items, jewelry, embroidered bedding, traditional clothes, carpets with all kinds of patterns, bamboo furnishings, leather and fur items;
  • spices, sweets.

In Pakistan, you can buy salt lamps, not only lighting, but also healing the room, for $ 50-100, spices - from $ 1, handmade chess - from $ 50 (it all depends on the material of manufacture and size).

Excursions and entertainment

On a sightseeing tour of Islamabad, you will visit the Pakistani Memorial, Faisal Mosque, visit Daman-e-Koh Park (it will impress you with its size and architecture). On average, an excursion costs $ 35.

Going on an excursion to Karachi, you will visit the National Museum, which contains old coins (about 58,000) and well-preserved sculptures (about 100), the Quaid-e-Azam Mausoleum, the Mohatta Palace (built of pink stone). The tour will cost you $ 30-35.

If you wish, you can go on excursions around Lahore. Here you will visit the tomb of Khan Asif, the Pearl Mosque, see the City Hall, the Tomb of Emperor Jehangri, the Lahore fortress of Akbar the Great. For this excursion you will pay $ 30.


The main public transport in the country is buses, mini-buses and auto rickshaws (the fare is low - from $ 0.3-0.8). In large cities (Islamabad, Multan, Karachi, Lahore) you will have the opportunity to rent a car: the minimum cost of the service is $ 30 / day.

With an economical spending of funds (a cheap hotel, food in eateries, travel by public transport) on vacation in Pakistan, you will need $ 20-25 per day for 1 person. But, to feel more comfortable, your vacation budget should be calculated based on the amount of $ 50 per day for 1 person.