Holidays in Panama - photo. Summer Holidays in Panama 2015

Holidays in Panama

Holidays in Panama

Holidays in Panama are mansions and skyscrapers, upscale hotels, nightclubs and casinos, the ruins of Spanish forts and architectural monuments dating back to the colonial period.

The main types of recreation in Panama

  • Excursion: on excursions you will be shown the Church of San Jose, Las Bovedas Castle, the Church of La Compagnia de Jesus, the Presidential Palace, the ruins of the Monastery of La Merced, monuments to Cervantes, Christopher Columbus and Bolivar, the Panama Canal (you can watch a film about the history structures), will offer to visit the Museum of History and stroll through the Garden of Peace. You should definitely walk along the Avenida Balboa Promenade to see Destiny and Sky Residences. For those wishing to organize trips to the national park “Soberania National Park” and Botanical Garden Summit.
  • Beach: on local beaches, vacationers have access to water activities, surfing conditions (surf schools work) and seafood tastings in the restaurants open here. So, it is worth taking a closer look at the beaches of Playa Bonita, Palmar and Malibu. Those who wish can go to the beaches (volcanic black sand alternates with white sand) of Coronado, equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas (in the nearby spa complexes you can go through spa procedures).
  • Active: Tourists can go diving or surfing, play golf, hike through the jungle in Camino de Cruzes, ride an ATV, try parachuting.

Prices for tours to Panama

It is best to vacation in Panama in December-April, but since this period is the high season, you should be prepared for an increase in the cost of tours by 50-60%. And a significant increase in the cost of tours to Panama is observed in January, during the Jazz Festival and in February, when the Panama Carnival is celebrated here (it is accompanied by carnival processions, performances of music and dance groups).

Is your goal to save money? Come to Panama during the rainy season (April-December) - although it rains almost daily, it does not last long (the air warms up to + 26˚ C at this time).

On a note!

Before traveling to Panama, it is advisable to get a yellow fever vaccine.

You should not go for walks in remote areas of the city alone, or entrust your luggage to strangers, except for uniformed hotel employees.

For travel, you should give preference to a taxi or a rented car (when leaving a car in the parking lot, do not forget to close all windows and doors).

As a souvenir of your vacation in Panama, you should bring rum, strawberry jelly, coffee, carnival masks made of papier-mâché, straw panamas, pottery, leather goods.

Photos of rest in Panama

  • Holidays in Panama
  • Holidays in Panama
  • Holidays in Panama