Holidays in Poland in April: prices and weather. Where to relax in Poland in April

Holidays in Poland in April

Holidays in Poland in April

The middle of the Polish spring is one of the most beautiful times when nature finally wakes up from hibernation, covering everything around with a green carpet. Holidays in Poland in April will bring the brightest impressions associated with the flowering of nature, and a kind of awakening of people to the new, and the bright holiday of Easter..

Weather in April

The weather is getting more comfortable every day, the thermometer climbs higher and higher on the scale. In different cities of Poland, the temperature regime is not the same, but the gap is small. Average indicators for cities: in Krakow and Poznan +13 ° C, Warsaw +12 ° C, Gdansk +10 ° C, Zakopane +8 ° C. This is understandable, Gdansk is a port city influenced by the air masses of the Baltic, Zakopane is located in a mountainous area.

April travel

Zakopane ski resorts are open until April, fans of winter sports can continue skiing from the mountains. Most tourists, having parted with winter, plan to visit Polish cities with a rich historical past..

Krakow, the former capital and beautiful city, is becoming the dream of many travelers. The old town keeps memorials from different eras and cultures. First of all, guests of Krakow dream of getting to the Royal Castle on the Wawel; it has indeed found a place for itself on a high hill above the Vistula. After being rebuilt, reconstructed and restored many times, this castle reminds everyone of the greatness of Polish kings and rulers. And an amazing cocktail of architectural trends (Gothic, Renaissance, Romanesque) is an example of European traditions.

April Fool's Day

The beginning of April in Poland coincides with a merry holiday loved by adults and kids. Only the more loyal Poles did not give it any names like April Fools' Day, but simply call the holiday «April first». A tourist who comes here on this day should be careful not to fall for the bait of Polish joke lovers.

Holy sunday

The Easter holiday can also shift towards March and May. Most often, this bright Sunday for all Catholics falls in April. A tourist should visit any nearby temple on this day and see how the Mass is very solemn and touching. Easter events also affect the following days. Poles dubbed the beginning of the week «wet monday», when everyone bathes each other with water, luckily, so a tourist who has bathed in this way can be sure that everything in his life will be fine for at least a year.

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  • Holidays in Poland in April
  • Holidays in Poland in April