Braga in 2 days: where to go in Braga

Braga in 2 days

Braga in 2 days

Little known to the wider world tourism community, Braga has more than 2,200 years of history and the honorary title of the city of archbishops. She became one of the first Christian cities in the world, and her university occupies a place of honor on the list of the alma mater of the Old World. All Braga in 2 days - a very realistic plan for a rich, but very interesting excursion.

Passion of Christ

In Braga, the role of the church is great, and its inhabitants are true believers in the bulk. Traditions are sacred in the city, and therefore being in Braga for 2 days during Holy Week is an excellent opportunity not only to see many rituals, but also to take part in ceremonies and processions. An equally interesting time to visit the Portuguese city comes on June 24, when the Day of John the Baptist is celebrated here. He is the patron saint of Braga and colorful events take place in the streets and squares in his honor..

From time immemorial

The city has preserved many architectural monuments that date back to the 9th - 12th centuries. One of the most striking and majestic is the Braga Cathedral, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is her image that adorns the city coat of arms. The temple is considered the most important architectural relic not only in Braga, but throughout Portugal..
The cathedral was consecrated in the 11th century and has been partially rebuilt since then. Today it keeps many relics under its vaults, one of which is especially dear to the inhabitants. This is the statue of Our Lady that has been protecting the city since the 16th century. In the temple, you can worship the relics of St. Gerald of Braga and visit the museum, whose exposition does honor not only to Braga, but to the whole of Portugal..

Medina's legacy

This Portuguese artist lived and worked in Braga. His work forms the basis of the exposition of the local museum, which bears the name of the famous painter. Including a visit to the Medina Museum in the Braga in 2 Days program is a great idea for those with a passion for the visual arts. Admirers of the painter's talent will be able to see more than two dozen of his original works in the halls.
In the same building, no less interesting masterpieces of the Pius XII Museum await visitors. It was named after the Pope, and the exhibits of this Braga historical treasury are striking in their variety. A visit to the museum will refresh your knowledge of the history of the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods and admire rare archaeological finds dating back to the Bronze Age.


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