Season in Portugal. When is the holiday season in Portugal?

Season in Portugal

Season in Portugal

The holiday season in Portugal lasts all year round, but the end of May - mid-September is the best time to relax in this sunny European country..

Tourist season in Portugal

In Portugal, you can find entertainment to your liking in any season: for example, in February you will find a bright carnival with dances and processions, and in November you can take part in the celebration of Feira de San Martino (races, bullfights and horse shows are arranged).

From November to spring, it is best to plan a vacation away from the coast: during this period, it is worth visiting the fortified cities in the center of the country (Moran, Palmera, Monsarash, Evora), admiring the architecture of Cinta and Coimbra or the landscapes of Berlenga and Peniche.

Peculiarities of holidays in Portuguese resorts by seasons

  • Spring: Nature comes alive in spring, and rains are rare. In the north of the country it is still quite cold, but in Madeira it gets warm from the end of March (+20 degrees), which is favorable for sunbathing and sightseeing.
  • Summer: in the summer in the continental regions of the country, the air warms up to + 27-30 degrees, which cannot be said about the mountainous and northern regions (it is never warmer than +18 degrees).
  • Autumn: In October, precipitation becomes more intense and evenings are colder. But in Madeira, the weather does not deteriorate at this time - you can still swim here (air and water - +22 degrees). But in November, even on the islands it becomes uncomfortable due to strong winds and freezing rains. In late autumn, it is advisable to rest in the central regions that are far from the Atlantic coast.
  • Winter: Winters are mild, but it often rains in the country at this time of the year. February is worth exploring, for example, Lisbon and the province of Algarve. And in January-March, it is advisable to relax in a ski resort “Serra da estrela” (1 black and 4 red tracks await you here).

Beach season in Portugal

The beach season in the country opens at the end of April - this time is ideal for getting a safe and beautiful tan. But this month is not yet suitable for swimming, since the water temperature reaches only + 14-16 degrees. And in Madeira, you can start swimming from mid-May (the water warms up to + 20-21 degrees).

It should be noted that for swimming, it is advisable to choose resorts in the south of the country or on the Madeira archipelago (the water temperature in summer is +23 degrees, while in resorts in continental regions the water does not warm up warmer than +20 degrees during the season). For relaxation, you should choose the popular beaches: Portinho da Arrabida, Picisnas, Praia do Garajau, Coelhos, Praia dos Barcos.


The windsurfing season in the country lasts all year (the best period is May-November), but for fans of big waves it is advisable to ride a board in September-November and February-April. Arriving in the country to practice your favorite sport in winter, you should take a special suit with you, since the water at this time of the year is never warmer than +13 degrees.

The best surf spots can be found in Guincho, Sintra and Sagres.

On vacation in Portugal, you will find interesting excursions, the best beaches, windsurfing, fishing, including night fishing (in July-October you can catch the richest catch), balneological resorts (for the purpose of recovery, you should come to the country in the second half of spring, early autumn, early summer) and SPA-complexes.


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