Features of Romania - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Romania

Features of Romania

For many tourists, Romania will remain in the memory of the country of the most famous bloodthirsty Count Dracula, brilliant gypsy outfits and rather modest service. But this is only the outer shell. In fact, the national characteristics of Romania are manifested in the fact that very strong ties with the ancient traditions of culture are preserved here, which are manifested in different spheres of life..

Traditional accommodation

Romania is very heterogeneous in terms of architecture. In large cities and resorts, you can find buildings built in accordance with the latest technology. While in the outback, many continue to live in houses that resemble dugouts, although they have several rooms. Roofs in such dwellings are covered with reeds, boards or straw. They are quite an interesting sight..

In other regions, log houses have become widespread; for their construction they use:

  • stones (in the best national traditions);
  • adobe brick;
  • adobe, which is a mixture of clay and straw.

In mountainous regions, houses are most often two-story, and the wooden part is decorated with intricate carvings, and the stone part is decorated with numerous vaults and arches..

Romanian traditional interiors

Colorfulness and brightness dominate the design of the traditional dwelling of Romanian citizens, especially those living in the hinterland. Any tourist will immediately notice the presence of specific details and accessories in the interior, including:

  • full-wall iconostases instead of «red corner»;
  • homespun paths and rugs;
  • textiles decorated with embroidery and lace;
  • national ornaments decorating furniture and small items.

Moreover, all this is done in bright, cheerful colors, using the entire available palette - a kind of decoration of reality against the background of a rather complex life.

National Romanian costume

The same applies to clothes made according to traditional patterns and patterns. Romanian men wore a shirt and pants made of bleached canvas, a sleeveless jacket. In a men's suit, an obligatory element was a belt, which was made of leather or knitted from woolen threads. Also, a distinctive feature of the Romanian folk clothing was kechule - high beanie hats.

Women's costume includes a long shirt and skirt-like clothing worn on a belt with ornaments. It is either a piece of cloth that is wrapped around the waist, or two pieces of cloth that look like aprons (only one is worn at the back). A very sophisticated female headdress is another part of the costume. All this is richly decorated with embroidery, lace, national patterns and ornaments..


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