Tourism in Romania - development, photo

Tourism in Romania

Tourism in Romania

The country, once part of a group of socialist countries, whose leader was feared by many, is now slowly emerging from the economic, political and cultural crisis. Therefore, tourism in Romania is one of the important directions that will help to form the image of an open and hospitable country..

It is clear that since the most famous historical character in Romania is Count Dracula, he has become a kind of tourist brand for the country. But one hero is not enough, the Romanians themselves understand this, and therefore they strive to renovate the hotel base, increase the number of hotels and apartments. Beach tourism is actively developing. Prices on the Black Sea coast of the country are much lower than in neighboring Bulgaria, this is what attracts tourists who dream of a relatively inexpensive vacation.

Traveling far and wide

Romania consists of several regions, each of which is interesting for tourists in its own way:

  • Wallachia is a gathering place for skiers and lovers of metropolitan life;
  • the famous Transylvania, home of Count Dracula;
  • the Dobrudzha region, located along the Black Sea coast and offering rest in the best resorts of the country;
  • Maramures, which has a beautiful name and retains the spirit of the Romanian province.

About tranquility and not only

Of all the former socialist countries, Romania is considered the safest for tourists. The friendliness of local residents, willingness to help surprises many travelers who first come here.

Walking around Bucharest at night is quite safe, it is clear that scammers can be encountered in the markets and in transport, but they try to stay away from important sights controlled by the police..

The only not very pleasant moment may be associated with nomadic gypsies, which are enough both in Romania and in neighboring countries..

National souvenir

No tourist will leave Romania without gifts for family and friends. Most of the souvenirs are edible. These are plum and apple liqueurs, for which the villages of Maramures are famous, and high quality Romanian wines. In addition to such delicious drinks, souvenirs made in national traditions are popular: embroidered blouses, napkins, tablecloths, clay, porcelain, wood products.

The second direction of souvenir products is the image of Count Dracula and related items with a terrible history. You can find T-shirts and caps, souvenir plates and magnets.


  • Tourism in Romania
  • Tourism in Romania
  • Tourism in Romania