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Tours to Bucharest

Tours to Bucharest

The Romanian capital boasts the largest building in the world by area after the Pentagon in the States and the tomb of the most famous vampire. The city of joy, as the Romanians call it, will really appeal to fans of museums and open-air concerts, and for fans of ancient architecture, tours to Bucharest are a real gift for a vacation or a vacation.

History with geography

The first written mention of the city is contained in the documents of the Prince of Wallachia Vlad Tepes, who is better known as Dracula. It was this very real historical character that served as the prototype for the protagonist Bram Stoker during the work on the book about the vampire. The reason is sought in the dark legends that after the death of Vlad Tepes turned into a vampire, and his body was not found in the grave. The prince, even during his lifetime, was distinguished by particular cruelty and subtly tortured prisoners and criminals, which, however, did not prevent his versatile nature from donating to monasteries and building temples.
The modern capital of Romania stands on seven hills in the valley of the Dambovitsa River, and its population is confidently approaching two million, which makes the city the largest in southeastern Europe.

Briefly about the important

  • Tourists to Bucharest are guaranteed hot summers and mild winters. Average temperatures in July and January are +25 and –1 degrees, respectively. The time of frequent rains begins in May and ends in early autumn, and therefore the most favorable time to travel to the capital of Romania is April, September and October..
  • The international airport accepts participants of tours to Bucharest, who have chosen an airplane as a means of transportation, and is located 18 kilometers from the city. A direct flight from Moscow takes just over 2.5 hours. You can get from the terminal to the center by electric trains, buses or taxis. The latter set not too humane prices, especially at night.
  • The railway connection Moscow - Bucharest is represented by comfortable trains departing from the Kievsky railway station of the capital of Russia.
  • Getting around the city on a Bucharest tour is possible by several types of public transport. Payment for metro services is made using magnetic cards. According to experienced travelers, renting a car in Bucharest is not a good idea. Road users here do not follow its rules too much, and it is not always wise to leave a parked car unattended for a long time..

Bucharest (Romania)


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