Airport in Kurgan: scheme, photo. How to get to Kurgan airport

Airport in Kurgan

Airport in Kurgan

The airport in Kurgan is located 6 kilometers from the center of the city of the same name in the direction of its southeastern part. The runway of the airline, 2.6 kilometers long, is capable of receiving aircraft of any type. However, today the airport operates flights only in two directions - Moscow and Yekaterinburg. The main air carriers are companies «Aeroflot», «UTair», «IzhAvia», its main operator is JSC «Kurgan airport»


The birth of the Kurgan aviation falls on September 1923, when a passenger plane of the type «Junkers», made a flight from Moscow to Novosibirsk (at that time Nikolaevsk). And by 1928, regular flights to Irkutsk and Moscow began from Kurgan. From the beginning of navigation until 1931, the Kurgan air station sent more than 70 passengers and about 400 tons of cargo.
During the Second World War, an aviation school for primary training pilots and the 73rd training squadron were deployed on the territory of the Kurgan airport, which trained more than a thousand pilots, including the heroes of the Soviet Union Timofey Kovalev, Nikolai Martyanov, Arseny Pugachev and other heroes.
After the war, the flight school was disbanded, after which a civil air squadron was created here. And, since 1955, the Kurgan airport has been exclusively engaged in civilian passenger and cargo air transportation. Since June 2014, the airport has received international status.
There is a large orthopedic center in the city of Kurgan. More than 120 cultural heritage sites are concentrated here. This attracts a large flow of tourists to the region. Despite this, there are still only a few flights a day from the airport - to Moscow and Yekaterinburg. Expanding the geography of flights is still in the plans.

Service and services

The small terminal of the Kurgan airport has a standard set of services for comfortable passenger service, as well as safe reception and departure of aircraft. There is a room for a mother and a child, a first-aid post, a post office, a left-luggage office. Round-the-clock security of the airport is organized. Parking for personal vehicles is provided at the station square.


From the airport to the city, the movement of regular buses No. 5, 349, 403 and others, as well as trolley buses No. 3, No. 5, No. 10 has been established. If you wish, you can use the services of a city taxi.

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