Excursions in Tyumen. Sightseeing tours of Tyumen

Excursions in Tyumen

Excursions in Tyumen

Tyumen is one of the most interesting Russian cities located in Siberia. Excursions in Tyumen make it possible to understand how versatile Russia is. So, what opportunities open up for tourists?

Sightseeing tour

During the sightseeing excursion program, you can visit both modern streets and discover the wonderful historical center of one of the best cities in Siberia. Tourists will be able to see ancient buildings, amazing temples representing wooden architecture and unique carvings, visit merchant estates built in the 18th - 19th centuries. Among the attractions that deserve increased attention, it is necessary to note the Savior Church, as well as the Holy Trinity Monastery. Sightseeing tours in Tyumen always include a walk along the Historical Embankment, which is unique due to its four levels. A special moment will be the inspection of urban architecture from the Bridge of Lovers, which is located above the Tura River.

The most unusual sights in Tyumen

1. Museum of Geology, Oil and Gas.
Do you want to know about the most important geological exploration works that have been carried out in Siberia? Are you interested in the specifics of oil and gas production? In this case, take the opportunity to visit the Museum of Geology, Oil and Gas. It should be noted that the museum center attracts with amazing exhibits, namely rare minerals and valuable fossils. Take the opportunity to see exhibits telling about the development of the oil-bearing horizons of Khanty-Mansiysk, you can also see the paleontological excavations here. Valuable medals may also be of interest, among which it should be noted «Honorary Oilman» and «Excellence in the oil industry». During your visit to the museum, you can see the uniforms of geologists. The museum center regularly hosts important events dedicated to modern geology, oil and gas production. Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday from ten o'clock in the morning to six in the evening. Days off: Monday and Tuesday.

2. Museum «House Masharov».
Museum «House Masharov» located in a small mansion built in the style «neoclassicism». This building previously belonged to ND Masharov, who is known as one of the most talented industrialists in Tyumen. Take the opportunity to visit the office of one of the most influential Tyumen entrepreneurs. The staff of the museum center invite children to look at dolls, attend an etiquette lesson, and take part in a music concert. An exposition representing the family life of the late 19th century is open to visitors. You need to pay only 25 rubles for the entrance ticket, the excursion will cost 200 rubles.

3. Siberian Cats Square.
Do you dream of walking along the most unusual alley in Tyumen? You will be able to take advantage of this opportunity if you walk through the Siberian cats park. Until 2008, the alley was unnamed, there were ordinary trees here. Now you can see beautiful gilded cat statues in the park. The appearance of an unusual square is associated with a long history. During the siege of Leningrad, many rats appeared in the city. The city was saved thanks to the Irkutsk, Omsk and Tyumen cats. About five thousand cats were brought to Leningrad, thanks to which the problem was successfully solved. In memory of this event, a square of Siberian cats was created in Tyumen.

Tyumen is an unusual city that will open up Russia from a new side for you.

Photos of excursions in Tyumen

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