Observation decks of Krasnoyarsk. List of the best observation decks in Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk observation decks

Krasnoyarsk observation decks

Krasnoyarsk, which won the competition more than once “The most comfortable Russian city”, able to please its guests not only with 22 museums and 12 parks, but also with breathtaking panoramic views (there are Krasnoyarsk viewing platforms).

Review of the best observation decks

  • Guard Mountain: standing on a peculiar “balcony” (it is surrounded by a metal fence, and bright flowers are planted around), you will be able to admire the Chapel of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa (it is depicted on a 10-ruble Russian banknote; the outline of the chapel is visible even from a long distance) and almost the entire city, especially its historical center. Address: Stepan Razin street.
  • Funpark “Beaver log”: You will find a viewing platform at the top of the K1 chair lift (the journey will take about 7 minutes) - from there, on one side, you can view Krasnoyarsk, and on the other, endless forests (you can see the surroundings thanks to powerful binoculars). It is worth noting that at the top you can taste aromatic barbecue and other dishes in the tent-bar “Vibram”, and those wishing to enjoy the taste of herbal tea and natural sweets should look for a tea yurt (it is located to the left of the lift). The cost of 1 ascent and descent by cable car is 270 rubles / adults, 170 rubles / children. Address: Sibirskaya street, 92.
  • Park named after May 1 (Leninsky district): in order to get to a small observation deck that opens a view of the Yenisei, you need to walk to the end of the central alley. And if you wish, you can stop at the singing fountain, “performing” classical works.

Observation deck - pedestrian bridge

Those who want to take pictures of picturesque views rush to this bridge, which connects Central Park with the Yenisei embankment (there are staircases framed by massive snow-white railings; the observation deck is crowned with a colonnade). How to get there? Take the bus to the stop “Holiday island” or “Opera and Ballet theatre”.

Viewpoint “King fish”

This popular resting place is located on a steep cliff (its height is 300 m) - here you can see a statue of a giant fish (it is considered a good omen to touch the fish by the mustache and throw a coin at the foot of the statue, after making a preliminary wish to return here again), weighing almost 300 kg , as well as admire the Yenisei and its surroundings.

It is worth noting that they plan to build a watchtower (according to the drawings of 17th century architects) with a guard post at the top, a cafe (guests will be treated to Siberian kvass and mead) and an exhibition and sale of souvenirs at the bottom. Address: Sliznevsky cliff.


  • Krasnoyarsk observation decks
  • Krasnoyarsk observation decks
  • Krasnoyarsk observation decks