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Lena cruises

Lena cruises

The Siberian Lena, which originates from a small lake a few kilometers from Lake Baikal, closes the ten longest rivers in the world. Given its geographical position, you should know that seven months of the year the river is bound by an ice shell. But in May, floods begin in these parts, and in June the tourist season starts, during which cruises along the Lena River on comfortable ships take place. Participants of such trips get acquainted with the most interesting natural and historical sights, take walks in protected areas, go fishing and learn a lot of interesting things about the flora and fauna of the Lena River basin..

Yakutsk and its beauty

All cruises on the Lena start in Yakutsk, the capital of the Sakha Republic and the largest city in the permafrost zone. Despite such a harsh characteristic, during the navigation period in the city it can be hot in summer, and the air temperature in July reaches here and +30 degrees.
The most interesting expositions of Yakutsk, according to tourists, are the Mammoth Museum and the Museum of the History and Culture of the Peoples of the North..

Up the Lena

Having studied the present and past of the capital of Yakutia, travelers go on board the ship. The Lena cruise continues upstream, and Diring-Yuryakh becomes one of the first stops of the ship. In this place, archaeologists have discovered the campsites of ancient people, and the findings of scientists make it possible to challenge the statement about the origin of mankind in Africa..
In addition to archaeological excavations, participants on a cruise along the Lena visit dozens of interesting places:

  • Reserve "Lenskie Stolby", located 140 kilometers from the beginning of the path. Erosion of stone rocks has created bizarre formations that rise above the banks of the river in the form of castles, towers and columns. The height of some rocks reaches 150 meters, and the length of the reserve exceeds 80 kilometers..
  • Once on a cruise along the Lena River in early summer, you can meet him together with the local residents of Nyuryukhtyai, a village where horses and cattle are raised. Located on the banks of the Lena River, the village is famous for its national holidays and traditions of its inhabitants..
  • Lenskie cheki canyon, through which a cruise ship passes in the Kirensky district of the Irkutsk region. A narrow channel and a strong current require the ship's crew to be truly virtuoso in steering the ship, and the passengers are always delighted with the red rocks of the canyon..


  • Lena cruises
  • Lena cruises