How long is the flight from Novokuznetsk to Moscow? Time of flight Novokuznetsk - Moscow

How long to fly from Novokuznetsk to Moscow?

How long is the flight from Novokuznetsk to Moscow?

In Novokuznetsk, you spent time in the Gagarin City Park, paintball clubs “Fort” and “Pantera”, “Novokuznetsk” and shooting club “Ballistics-T”, horse club “Favorite”, swam in the pool, steam in the Finnish sauna, underwent health-improving or therapeutic massage sessions in the health-improving complex “Spring”, saw the House of the merchant Fonarev and the Transfiguration Cathedral, visited the theater of the musical “Seventh morning” and gallery “Siberian art”, have fun in the nightclubs “ParkWay” and “Marvel”? Now it's time to go home?

How much to fly from Novokuznetsk to Moscow (direct flight)?

Since the remoteness of Novokuznetsk from Moscow is 3100 km, you will have to spend about 5 hours on the road. So, on board aircraft “Aeroflot” you will spend 4.5 hours and “Transaero” - 4 hours 45 minutes.

Flights Novokuznetsk-Moscow at a fairly low price (4500-6400 rubles) are sold in December, April and October.

Flight Novokuznetsk-Moscow with transfers

Those interested in connecting flights can be offered to fly to Moscow with transfers in Novosibirsk, Anapa, Simferopol. It should be borne in mind that air travel with a transfer in Simferopol (“Red wings”, “Ural Airlines”) will last 25.5 hours (waiting - 16.5 hours), in Novosibirsk (“Transaero”) - 24 hours (while waiting for a transfer you will spend 17 hours), in Anapa (“Alrosa”, “Utair”) - 19 hours (you will have 11 hours before boarding another plane), in Adler (“Orenair”, “Ural Airlines”) - 17 hours (while waiting for the 2nd flight, you will have to spend 10 hours).

Choosing an airline

The following airlines will take you to Moscow on Boeing 737-800, Airbus A 319 and other aircraft: “Aeroflot”; “Qatar Airways”; “Red wings”; “KrasAvia”.

Check-in for the Novokuznetsk-Moscow flight is carried out at Spichenkovo ​​airport (NOZ). Since the city center and the airport are at a distance of 20 km, this distance can be covered by buses No. 10, 20, 160.

At the airport, you will be offered to satisfy your hunger in food outlets, go shopping, withdraw cash from an ATM, use the post office or travel agency (if you have enough time before departure, here you can order a short helicopter tour of the immediate vicinity of the city, impressions from which will be remembered for a long time), accommodate in a mother and child room or a superior room, spend the night before departure at a hotel “The airport” (it has 30 comfortable rooms).

Things to do on the plane?

Upon arrival to your homeland, you will not deprive the attention of those close to you, if during the flight you have time to decide which of them you will give souvenirs from Novokuznetsk in the form of beer produced at the brewery “Zapsib beer”, sweets “Novokuznetsk” and “Gift”, a piece of coal in a glass box, textiles and products with embroidery.


  • How long is the flight from Novokuznetsk to Moscow?
  • How long is the flight from Novokuznetsk to Moscow?
  • How long is the flight from Novokuznetsk to Moscow?