Children's camps in the Moscow region for the summer. Children's camps in the Moscow region 2015

Children's camps in the Moscow region

Children's camps in the Moscow region

Every child dreams of relaxing in the camp during the holidays. This kind of vacation guarantees many new experiences. A children's camp in the Moscow region will help you quickly and easily solve the problem of children's leisure. By the summer, the demand for camps is increasing, so it is better to book a tour before the start of the holidays. In summer, in the Moscow region, you can swim and sunbathe, go hiking and gain new knowledge. In each camp, the emphasis is on a specific area: sports, intellectual development, language learning, creativity, etc..

When can I go to the camp

The rest of children in the camps of the Moscow region begins in the last days of May and continues until the end of August. It is very useful for a child to be constantly in the fresh air. He rests in his usual climate, and does not waste time on acclimatization. Clean forest air is the virtue of many districts of the Moscow region. In the camp, the child lives according to the regime, goes in for sports and makes new friends. All this has a beneficial effect on the state of his physical and mental health. If you do not know which children's camp in the Moscow region to choose, contact the travel agency. Experts will help you choose a ticket to the camp. If the child is weakened, then rest in a health camp will be of great benefit to him..
In addition to entertainment, children undergo preventive and therapeutic procedures there. The choice of a camp largely depends on the age of the child. For example, girls and boys of senior school age like sports and recreational camps. An example of such an institution is the camp «Twinkle». He offers meals according to the scheme «Buffet», accommodation in rooms, classes in the gym and pool, lots of entertainment and discos. The camp is located on the Yaroslavl highway and operates all year round.

Camping in winter

During the winter holidays, the problem of interesting recreation for children is no less relevant than in summer. Children's camps in winter accept children for 7-14 days. When choosing an institution for winter recreation, decide where the child will celebrate the New Year: in the camp or at home. You can go to the children's camp in the Moscow region in the fall or spring. The shift will last 7-10 days, but during this time the child will have time to have a good rest.
An active child will surely enjoy a holiday in a sports-oriented camp. If your child loves to engage in technology, invite him to go to the camp with master classes in robotics. One of the best places for children's recreation in the Moscow region is a sports and recreation camp «Nano Camp», where children from 8 to 15 years old are accepted. This institution is located on the 30th km of the Gorky highway.

Photos of children's camps in the Moscow region

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