Children's camps in Pushkino for the summer. Children's camps in Pushkino 2015

Children's camps in Pushkino

Children's camps in Pushkino

Health resorts and centers in Pushkino have a general therapeutic focus. They are located in an ecologically safe area dominated by mixed forests. Children's camps in Pushkino accept children from 7 to 16 years old. The territory of each institution is fenced, landscaped and guarded around the clock. Activities for children in the camps include activities in the pool, workshops and sports fields. At the guests' service are tennis tables, a football field, a cinema room and playgrounds. In winter, camps in Pushkino offer exciting activities: ski slopes, an ice rink, sledding, etc..

What attracts rest in Pushkino

This settlement has a long history. For the first time it became known about it in the 15th century. Today it is one of the most comfortable cities in the Moscow region. It is only 14 km from Pushkino to Moscow. Therefore, children from the capital often rest in local camps. Prices for vouchers to children's camps are affordable, and the conditions are in line with parents' expectations. Children's camps in Pushkino organize full and proper nutrition for schoolchildren. The institutions comply with the necessary sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

The camps have different specifics and work according to their own programs. There are sports camps for schoolchildren who like sports. For children who love the humanities, institutions with the study of foreign languages ​​are suitable. If a student needs health improvement, then he is recommended to rest in a health camp of a sanatorium type. In such institutions, specialists use all the possibilities of the climate to improve health..

Pushkino is characterized by a favorable ecological situation. In the forests, the air is very clean, so it is considered curative. In some children's sanatoriums, children undergo examination and take procedures as prescribed by doctors.

How children's leisure is organized

The organization of children's recreation is worked out to the smallest detail. The camps use the help of travel agencies that develop excursions and tourist routes for schoolchildren. In health camps, all conditions are created for spending exciting leisure time: playgrounds and towns, swimming pools, racing tracks, video libraries, etc. Properly organized leisure time contributes to the development of such important personality traits as sincerity, perseverance, restraint, honesty, masculinity, etc. Development activities are the most important factor in the development of schoolchildren. Leisure helps to get out of stress after the school year and gain new strength. The value of rest in the camp also lies in the fact that it helps the child to realize his best qualities..

Photos of children's camps in Pushkino

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