Children's camps in Russia for the summer. Children's camps in Russia 2015

Children's camps in Russia

Children's camps in Russia

The most common recreation option for children and adolescents in Russia is a domestic children's camp. Parents in many cases prefer to send their child to a camp located near the house..

What attracts children's holidays in Russia

First of all, parents like the availability of travel packages. Children's camps in Russia offer good health recreation at affordable prices. A child's vacation in a Russian camp will cost less than a vacation in a foreign resort. After all, not only the price of the voucher itself matters, but also the cost of the flight. It is also important that the child will have to adapt to the unfamiliar climate..

To avoid acclimatization, you should choose a camp near your home. If you live in the middle lane and send your child to the south, then he also cannot avoid acclimatization. By sending your son or daughter to a local camp, you can visit him often and pick him up at any time. If the camp is far enough away, then this will be problematic..

In our country, many people pay for vouchers to children's camps only partially. The rest of the ticket price is paid by the Social Insurance Fund. This provision applies only to those camps that are located in Russia. Parents must pay for the trip to the overseas camp with their own money..

Where better to send the child

All children's camps in Russia offer interesting rest. To improve your health and gain new experiences, it is better to choose a camp in the southern region of the country. Many excellent children's camps are located in the Krasnodar Territory and the Rostov Region. If you want to send your child to the Black Sea coast, then pay attention to the camps in Gelendzhik, Anapa, Sochi and Tuapse. Children's rest near the Sea of ​​Azov is possible in Yeisk, Primorsko-Akhtarsk and Taganrog. Beach holidays are very useful for children with respiratory diseases and allergies. If a child has any chronic illness, then he can purchase a ticket to a sanatorium and health camp or a children's sanatorium. Most of these establishments are located in Anapa.

The following factors speak in favor of children's recreation in the Krasnodar Territory:

  • healing, warm and clean Black Sea;
  • abundance of the sun;
  • clean and healthy sea air;
  • lots of fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • well-developed infrastructure of children's camps;
  • interesting programs for children.

Modern children's camps in Russia pay great attention to the pedagogical component. Special stay programs, excursions and educational activities are being developed for children. The camps provide excellent conditions for children. Professional workers with many years of experience work with the younger generation.

Photos of children's camps in Russia

  • Children's camps in Russia
  • Children's camps in Russia
  • Children's camps in Russia