Holidays in Russia in September: prices and weather. Where to relax in Russia in September

Holidays in Russia in September

Holidays in Russia in September

The first month of autumn marks the beginning of the school year, and therefore the number of tourists in cities and villages is sharply decreasing, many of them go for knowledge.

Therefore, tourists who choose a vacation in Russia in September get many opportunities for quiet sightseeing, secluded relaxation in the bosom of beautiful nature, preparing for winter and picking up golden outfits.

«Tell me, uncle ...»

On September 8, Russia solemnly celebrates the victory of Kutuzov's army over Napoleon's troops. What is not a reason to go to the Borodino field, where the legendary battle took place. Moreover, the village of Borodino is not so far from Moscow, and it is useful for any tourist to replace the noise of city blocks with the endless Russian expanses..

Now, not far from the places where Russian and French soldiers competed, there is a huge museum-reserve. More than 200 monuments are preserved here, available for inspection. And on the first Sunday, a large-scale military-historical reconstruction takes place..

Secrets of Baikal

Russians themselves treat this deepest lake in the world with trepidation, to say nothing of tourists, for many of them visiting Baikal becomes a cherished dream. This desire can come true in September, and the trip can be timed to coincide with Lake Day, which is celebrated in early September..

These days, many people come to Lake Baikal to take part in plein-airs, competitions and cleaning the coast of this Siberian pearl.

«Kinoshock» for all

The velvet season on the Black Sea coast has its constant and longtime admirers. In September, Anapa is no longer as hot as in summer, the sea is warm enough, and the main cultural event of the month, the festival «Kinoshock», adds points to rest.

Guests of Anapa and local residents do not have enough time to attend competitive screenings and meetings, gala concerts and round tables, discover real cinema and see the stars of the screen. The main evening event is open-air film screenings on Teatralnaya Square.

«Tsar Jazz» rules the ball

Another important event strolls across Russia in September, and tourists can combine their vacation with attending concerts as part of the International Jazz Festival. The tradition was born not so long ago, while the nomadic holiday is held every year in different Russian cities. Therefore, regular guests of the festival will be able to get acquainted with the best jazz performers and the most beautiful cities..

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  • Holidays in Russia in September
  • Holidays in Russia in September