Excursions in Smolensk. Sightseeing tours of Smolensk

Excursions in Smolensk

Excursions in Smolensk

There are many cities in Russia that, thanks to their unique ancient architecture, eventful history and ancient Russian churches, have become famous tourist centers. Excursions in Smolensk - one of such centers - offer acquaintance with the amazing places of the city.

It will take many days to at least partially get acquainted with the history of the city and the most famous places of Smolensk and the region. Almost all interesting sightseeing tours in Smolensk include visits to attractions popular among travelers, which include:

  1. Kremlin and fortress wall.
  2. Ancient temples.
  3. Cathedral.
  4. Historical monuments.
  5. City garden and parks.
  6. Cultural monuments.

The most famous landmarks

All excursions in Smolensk begin or end in one place - at the fortress wall of the Smolensk Kremlin, striking in its considerable size. Not all the towers of the wall have the appearance that they had in ancient times, many of them have not survived to our times. Tour guides love to talk about the Kopyten Tower - one of the few that has the same appearance as when it was built. 

Historians have been unable to explain the names of some of the towers. But there is one tower that puzzles everyone who has heard its name - Veselukha. Scientists associate this name with «cheerful», in other words, a beautiful view of the main river of the city - the Dnieper. Due to its six-meter width, the fortress wall is sometimes compared to the famous Chinese Wall..

Of particular importance are excursions, including a visit to the Assumption Cathedral - the main temple of the city, which managed to survive both wars and the period of the communist struggle against religion. The cathedral, famous for its gilded iconostasis, was built during the reign of Vladimir Monomakh, the prince of Smolensk.

Thanks to the three Orthodox shrines stored here, and primarily the icon of the Smolensk Mother of God, the temple became known far beyond the borders of the Smolensk region. It attracts the attention of numerous Russian and foreign tourists who come here not only to appreciate its architectural splendor, but also to worship shrines and pray.

Ancient churches of Smolensk  

Like all ancient Russian cities, Smolensk has always been distinguished by its religiosity and a large number of churches. All of them had to survive several wars, be destroyed and rebuilt. Several temples are considered the most famous in Smolensk:

  1. Peter and Paul.
  2. Theologian John.
  3. Archangel Michael.
  4. Holy Great Martyr Barbara.
  5. Nizhne-Nikolsky.

The first three churches are the oldest, built before the Mongol invasion. All of them are active, open to visits and prayers. Part of the building of the Nizhne-Nikolskaya church was given to the Orthodox gymnasium. 

Cultural and historical heritage

Both in Smolensk and in the region there are many historical and cultural monuments, most of which are associated with the wars that took place in the Smolensk land. Making a tour of the city, tourists always stop at the monument to the legendary M. Kutuzov, enter the Memory Square, where they pay tribute to the memory of the soldiers who died in the Great Patriotic War at the memorial complex.

After all the excursions, guests of the city like to take a walk in Blonye, ​​a city garden popular with the residents of Smolensk. Admiring the light and music fountain and passing by the monument to M. Glinka, who was born in the Smolensk region, travelers love to look back and remember the impressions they got from exploring the city.

Tourists always have the most pleasant memories of Smolensk and its many attractions. Those who have been here at least once will definitely want to come back here again..

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