Lipetsk observation decks. List of the best observation decks in Lipetsk

Lipetsk observation decks

Lipetsk observation decks

Walking slowly around the city, travelers are advised to pay attention to the observation platforms of Lipetsk - they will allow you to take a fresh look at the Ancient Assumption Church (the building is in the Russian Baroque style; architecturally facing north-east-south-west), Nativity of Christ Cathedral (an architectural monument 18th century; the height of the bell tower with a spire - 60 m; erected in gratitude for the discovery of mineral springs in 1700), a monument to Peter the Great (its height is more than 5.5 m), a light and music fountain, Plekhanov's house-museum (area of ​​the memorial complex - 0 , 32 ha).

Observation deck on Lipovskaya street

This place, which is the best observation deck in Lipetsk, is popular with vacationers due to its well-groomed territory, where there is a lot of greenery. In addition, a beautiful view of the city opens up from here, which is why crowds of tourists flock here..

How to get there? Travelers should use the services of public transport - the following will suit them: trolleybuses # 7 or 9; fixed-route taxis No. 300, 306, 325, 347, 359, 348, 234, 322, 325; buses No. 22, 24, 11, 24a. Well, you need to get off at the bus stop “Bykhanov garden”.

Panoramic restaurant “Sky lounge”

Guests of this restaurant, which can be visited from noon to midnight, are invited to choose from the menu their favorite dishes of European, Thai, Russian and Japanese cuisines, as well as enjoy the Lipetsk beauties opening from the panoramic windows (8th floor of the hotel “Lagoon”).

How to get there? From the railway station by bus # 17 or route taxis # 356 and 317; from the bus station by minibuses No. 351, 308, 353 or buses No. 27, 30, 25; the most convenient way to get from the airport is by taxi. Address: Mira square, 1d.

Ferris wheel in Victory Park

After taking a ride on the Ferris Wheel (ticket price - 120 rubles) and admiring the local beauties from the booth of this attraction, travelers are recommended “to experience” about 20 more rides, walk along the park alleys, looking at the shrubs and trees growing here (about 40 species), visit the open-air exhibition of military equipment from the period of the Great Patriotic War (you will see artillery pieces), as well as take part in mass festivities, often arranged in the warm season (on holidays residents and guests of Lipetsk are delighted with fireworks shows), “ignite” at the summer disco, play billiards.

Address: prospect 60 years of the USSR, possession 36.

Hot air balloon flight

Looking for a hot air balloon ride to see local attractions from above? You can do this by paying about 8000 rubles for the service (a group of up to 8 people gathers), and if you wish, you can use the offer for lovers (in this case, the cost of the flight will be about 12,500 rubles).


  • Lipetsk observation decks
  • Lipetsk observation decks
  • Lipetsk observation decks