Population of San Marino. Population of San Marino: features, density, composition

Population of San Marino

The population of San Marino is over 33,000.

According to legend, it appeared in 300 AD. thanks to the Christian stonemason Marino, who managed to establish a community here together with other adherents of Christianity (the state is named after him).

The national composition of San Marino is represented by:

  • Sanmarines (80%);
  • Italians.

It is worth noting that most of the Sanmarines moved to permanent residence in Italy and France..

408 people live per 1 sq. Km..

State language - Italian.

Major cities are San Marino, Serravalle, Borgo Maggiore, Domagnano, Aquaviva, Faetano, Chiesanova, Fierentino, Montegardino.

Most residents of San Marino are Catholic.

Life span

Sanmarines live on average up to 81 years (women live up to 85, and men - up to 78 years).

San Marino's health facilities are well equipped and have a highly qualified staff. It is worth noting that ambulance services in the country are free and very prompt, but you will have to pay for subsequent calls to local clinics (it is advisable to get international insurance).

Traditions and customs of the inhabitants of San Marino

The people of Sanmarine take great care of their traditions: in their opinion, they are the descendants of the ancient Romans. This is due to the fact that the country is ruled by 2 captain-regents, and in ancient Rome, 2 consuls coped with this task..

Sanmarines like to actively spend their leisure time - they roller-skate, play tennis, basketball, do gymnastics, swimming, plate shooting, go hunting and fishing.

In San Marino, an event is of interest, which takes place in the State Palace, located in Piazza della Liberta - from May to September here every hour everyone can watch the spectacular changing of the guard..

Sanmarines love to have fun: their favorite festival is Giornate Medievali (July 26-29). He presents a colorful and bustling carnival.

The locals are friendly and sociable (though, unlike Italians, they are not so impetuous and expansive): if a tourist needs help, they will always help. In addition, the Sanmarines are very tactful, so they resolve all conflicts through negotiations..

If you are going to San Marino, please note that here, as in neighboring Italy, various institutions, offices and shops close for siesta (they are closed from 14: 00-16: 00).

In memory of San Marino, it is worth buying jewelry, local wine, furniture, ceramics and wrought iron.