Bus tours to Slovakia. The cost of bus tours in Slovakia 2016

Bus tours to Slovakia

Bus tours to Slovakia

Slovakia is most often associated with crystal clear mountain air, magnificent natural beauty and endless plains. Bus tours to Slovakia are a convenient and extremely economical option to visit this beautiful country. You will visit the country of healing springs, ice caves and hot geysers, unique cultural and architectural monuments. Slovakia will introduce you to its traditions, folklore and art, welcoming you in every city. If you are engaged in one of the winter sports, you will certainly like the ski resorts of Slovakia, its high mountains and developed infrastructure..

What to see in Slovakia?

The capital of Slovakia, the city of Bratislava, is a must-see for all sightseeing tours in this country. The city has a lot of cultural and architectural monuments, as well as a special atmosphere. Cozy streets invite to drink coffee on the veranda, and huge magnificent castles invite all curious travelers to their walls. In Bratislava, you should spend at least 3-5 days in order to fully experience its unusual spirit and explore at least the most famous sights, including:

  1. Khrad - local «Kremlin», whose image is almost the hallmark of the country;
  2. «Blue house», where the Museum of Arts and Crafts is located;
  3. Clock Museum;
  4. Museum of Jewish Culture on Jewish Street;
  5. Cathedral of St. Martin in the Old Town;
  6. Mikhalskaya street with the gates of the same name and much more.

All this fascinates travelers so much that they forget about fatigue and continue to explore the city as long as they still have strength..
Also popular are excursions to Banska Bystrica - a city recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, as well as to the city of Bojnice, where travelers like to walk along a romantic «ghost castle».

Excursions to the Demänovskaya Glacier Cave, which is located in the valley of the same name, are very often organized. This is the largest cave in Slovakia, and tourists get an amazing experience while examining its mighty vaults..

What to bring from your trip?

A domestic tourist will not have the feeling that he is in a completely different country, thanks to the peculiarities of Slavic culture. The prices are very low, so you can safely take with you not a lot of money for souvenirs. The best gift from Slovakia is local wine as well «boletus» (juniper vodka) and «plum brandy» (plum vodka). If you bring your family not only a magnet with the flag of Slovakia, but also a strong drink prepared according to the national recipe, you will certainly delight them.

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