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Transport in Stockholm

Transport in Stockholm

The capital of Sweden is an ancient beautiful city that celebrated its 700th anniversary and is confidently moving into a happy future, which was once dreamed of by millions of Soviet citizens.

Everything here is for the benefit of people, everything is at the service of local residents and tourists arriving from different parts of the world. Including transport in Stockholm, the system of which is convenient, comfortable, understandable.

Attention to the sign «SL»

The entire fleet of vehicles in the capital and the surrounding area, information centers, ticket kiosks and even the passes themselves are marked with the letters SL. A tourist who comes to Stockholm for the first time immediately understands how and where to go. At the same time, the transport works exactly like a chronometer, a book with a timetable can be purchased from the controller at the station or from the driver..

There is also a magical tourist card The SL Travel Card, which opens the doors of metro cars and bus saloons, and there is no need to pay additional fare. Also, this important document will give a pass to free parking, entry to the ferry and 80 more chic museums in the Swedish capital..

A space without borders

Stockholm is attentive to people with disabilities. There are escalators and elevators for disabled people in the metro, and not just the usual stairs. Buses approaching a bus stop bend to make it easier for a person in a wheelchair to enter the passenger compartment. On the other hand, everyone is respectful of the other person's personal space. If there are enough seats in the bus, then everyone sits at a respectful distance from the neighbor.

The union of nature and man

Stockholm metro can be included in the list of the main local attractions, some of the tunnels are cut in the rocks, so in many places the walls and the top cover have preserved their natural state and natural beauty. Modern builders have added color and huge cave paintings, which makes many of the stations look amazing, while at the same time they resemble the scenery for a fantastic performance in which history and modernity, nature and man play the main roles..

Car driver

For guests of the Swedish capital, it will be a real discovery of what the drivers of the future should be, such as in Stockholm, polite and with a sense of humor. On the way, each next stop and the end point of the route are announced.

At a metro station, where many people enter, the driver will greet everyone over the speakerphone and wish them a safe journey. On the bus, the driver greets each passenger, and one of them even has a group of fans on one of the social networks..


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