Best restaurants in Zurich - photos, prices

Best restaurants in Zurich

Best restaurants in Zurich

Despite the fact that this city is considered the financial, industrial and commercial center of the country, there are a great many tourists here. They are attracted by the numerous museums, antique shops, galleries and, of course, the best restaurants in Zurich. By the way, there are about 2 thousand restaurants in the city, but which of them are the best?

Traditional cuisine

First of all, this is a restaurant «Kronenholle» - this is one of the most famous places in Zurich. Excellent cuisine (it is recommended to try the signature dish here - chopped veal), and the interior is decorated with paintings by famous artists. The best Swiss cheese in town is served in «Walliserkeller», and here «Zeughauskeller» - a restaurant that has been operating since the 15th century. In addition to a variety of meat dishes, in «Zeughauskeller» serving excellent beer. But even the locals go for sausages in «Vorderer Sternen Grill».

Asian exotic

There are also Japanese, Chinese and other Asian restaurants in Zurich: «Asian place»; «Chop chop»; «Tiffins»; «Ginger».

American cuisine

What city in the world can do without traditional burgers and fries? These and other American dishes delight «Hooters» and «ZIC ZAK Letzi». Unusual Mexican cuisine in Zurich can be tasted in «Mexicano» and «Desperado».

Zurich bars

The first on this list is «Widder Bar» - a legendary place where the best jazz musicians of the world perform from the very beginning. It also contains a unique library. In general, you can not only dine and drink at the bar, but also attend a real concert and see a truly rare collection of books. «42» Is an American pub suitable for sports fans. For those who are not afraid of heights, there is a great bar in the observatory tower. Everything is great in this place - a romantic setting, a great view of Zurich and its unusual name - «Jules verne panorambar».


«Sprungli» - This small café in the city center is famous for its desserts and of course Swiss chocolate. It is owned by the well-known company of the same name that produces these very desserts, so there is an excellent selection of the freshest and highest quality delicacies. The only negative is the queues and few places. But it's worth the wait.

Switzerland is not only beautiful, but also very interesting and «delicious» country, so foodies in Zurich have plenty to do. The main thing is, when moving from one institution to another, do not forget about the inedible sights of the city..


  • Best restaurants in Zurich
  • Best restaurants in Zurich
  • Best restaurants in Zurich