Features of Switzerland - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Switzerland

Features of Switzerland

Switzerland is considered one of the most attractive countries in Europe. Beautiful architecture and nature, rich culture ... It is not surprising that many people want to know the national characteristics of Switzerland.

Swiss mentality

At the first acquaintance, one can note the peculiarities of the national character. The Swiss are notable for their slowness and thoroughness, because they understand how important it is to act with feeling and consistency. The indigenous resident is distinguished by efficiency and pedantry, sophistication and sophistication..

The Swiss tend to behave with restraint in society, but on vacation they can afford to be liberated. Plus, young people know how to have fun..

Swiss punctuality is a common myth, as there are also people being late for work in this country. In addition, banks occasionally delay money transfers. Despite these costs, local residents still strive to be punctual and show maximum responsibility..

The attitude to work is scrupulous. Any employee of a bank, hotel and other establishments that require customer service will do everything in order to please the target audience. Any problem can be solved in the shortest possible time, regardless of its complexity.

Features of urban life in Switzerland

Most people are accustomed to waking up at 5:30 on weekdays, because office work starts at 7:00 and studies start at 8:00. The working day ends early, compared to other countries, at 16.00. It is possible to enter such a regime gradually, and later it becomes possible even to appreciate the benefits. The fact is that the Swiss successfully solve numerous issues, because it is in the first half of the day that the brain activity is higher, and they have enough time for personal life..

Cultural life

  • Switzerland has a rich and distinctive culture. Symphony and folk orchestras and theaters are successfully operating in every city. Various festivals are often held.
  • The number of museum centers exceeds 600. As a result, every town in Switzerland boasts at least four museums. Exhibitions, biennials are regularly held.
  • The number of official languages ​​of Switzerland is four (German, French, Italian and Romansh). At the same time, the majority of residents also speak English..

Switzerland strives to preserve cultural traditions and, of course, enrich them.


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