Entertainment on Koh Samui - photo. Amusement parks on Koh Samui.

Entertainment on Koh Samui

Entertainment on Koh Samui

Entertainment on Koh Samui is not only about visiting bars and beaches: water sports and boat excursions are held in high esteem on the island.

Amusement parks on Koh Samui

  • “Paradise park farm”: in this amusement park you can “chat” with various animals and birds - rabbits, horses, ostriches, deer, iguanas, colorful parrots, take pictures with them and feed them with seeds, fruits and other delicacies bought in the park, admire orchids, swim in the outdoor pool.
  • Safari Park “Namuang”: here you will be offered to ride an elephant in the jungle, go on an ATV or jeep safari, go kayaking, look into a mini-zoo, admire a waterfall and show with monkeys, elephants, snakes and crocodiles.

What entertainment on Koh Samui?

An exciting adventure can be a visit to the Crocodile and Snake Farm - here you will be shown snake and crocodile shows, offer to feed reptiles and take pictures with them, as well as look into a store where you can get products from snake and crocodile skin.

Do you want to take part in unusual entertainment? Visit the Institute of Culinary Arts on Koh Samui to learn how to cook tom yam soup and green curry, and how to properly serve food (if you attend 3 classes, you will become the proud owner of a special chef certificate).

If you are an active tourist, you may be advised to go to an unusual club “Samui football golf”: guests here are offered to spend time on special golf courses with giant holes, on which you need to play with soccer balls!

Another interesting entertainment can be watching Muay Thai at Chaweng Stadium: fights here can be seen 2 times a week in the evening, and in the afternoon you can learn the art of Muay Thai by hiring a trainer at the stadium..

Fun for children on Koh Samui

Children should definitely be pleased with a visit to the water park “Coco splash”: here they can conquer water slides, swim in spacious pools and play in a toy fortress.

Having visited the Samui Aquarium, you and your child can walk along the corridor, through the transparent walls of which you can see turtles, tropical fish and sea urchins..

In the Tiger Zoo, your little one can see leopards, Bengal tigers, monkeys, feed a tiger from the nipple and take a picture with an adult predator.

And you can also please your child by going with him to the Butterfly Garden: here you can admire not only butterflies, but also small waterfalls and various plants.

On Koh Samui, anyone can see the Sitting Buddha statue, Namuang and Hid Lad waterfalls, go fishing, go diving or snorkeling.

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  • Entertainment on Koh Samui
  • Entertainment on Koh Samui
  • Entertainment on Koh Samui