Thai cuisine: photos, dishes and recipes of national cuisine of Thailand

Thai cuisine

Thai cuisine

What is Thai cuisine? These are bright colors and spicy aromas (the cuisine of India, Portugal and China had a great influence on the local cuisine).

National cuisine of Thailand

Since rice plays an important role in Thailand, it is used for cooking, for example, “prieo vaan” (sweet and sour rice). Noodles are another staple food that is made from, for example,“mi crop” - fried noodles with sweet and sour sauce. As for the sauces, then “king” Thai table can be called a hot curry. In addition, fish sauce, lime juice, shrimp paste and other sauces serve as an addition to the dishes..

If we consider the peculiarity of Thai cuisine depending on the regional affiliation, then, for example, the north is characterized by the widespread use of chicken, river fish and pork (Thai pork sausages) for cooking. And because eastern Thai cuisine is influenced by Laotian culinary traditions, a spicy papaya salad is often prepared here..

Popular Thai dishes:

  • “kha moo” (a dish of pork legs with soy sauce);
  • “tom yam” (coconut milk soup with fish, chicken or seafood added);
  • “kung som pak ruam” (soup with meat broth, to which stewed vegetables are added);
  • “panang gai” (a dish of fried chicken with lemongrass leaves, coconut cream and red curry paste);
  • “kaeng khao wab nue” (dish with spicy beef and green curry).

Where to taste the national cuisine?

Thai food can be tasted both in local restaurants and from stalls installed on the street (they start from 07: 00-08: 00).

In Bangkok, you can satisfy your hunger and get acquainted with Thai cuisine in “Blue elephant bangkok” (this place serves specialties in the form of sea bass with lime sauce and fried duck in curry sauce), in Pattaya - in “Preecha seafood” (the house's specialties are shrimps fried with garlic), in Phuket - in “Raya Restaurant” (In this Thai restaurant you will be offered to enjoy deep-fried sea bass, braised pork belly with rice, crab meat curry with rice noodles). Tip: Taste local dishes carefully as they can be very hot. And if you are not a fan of spicy, it is better to immediately warn the waiter about it..

Cooking classes in Thailand

Those who wish can visit the Thai Cooking Academy in Bangkok - in the classroom they will be taught not only the art of Thai cooking, but also the nuances of processing the initial ingredients. For foreign tourists, 9 combined courses have been developed here, which will allow them to learn how to cook 35 dishes (for 1 lesson, lasting 4-5 hours, they teach how to cook 5 dishes).

In Bangkok at the hotel “Oriental Hotel” you can take a 4-day course, where you can get an idea of ​​the basics of Thai cuisine, observe the mastery of the chef, cook and compose the menu yourself.

It is worth coming to Thailand for the Seafood Festival (August, Phuket) or the Pineapple Festival (June, Lampang).


  • Thai cuisine
  • Thai cuisine
  • Thai cuisine