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Tourism in Thailand

Tourism in Thailand

The most popular country in Southeast Asia in terms of recreation, the most promoted and advertised. Everyone should have a rest in Thailand at least once in their life - this is the motto of local tour operators and they carefully follow it.

Beach rest and dancing until the morning in local dance halls, travel to places untouched by civilization and scuba diving, sex tourism and acquaintance with traditions - this is a small list of what tourism in Thailand means. Every year the list of holiday destinations is expanding, recently more and more guests of the country come for high-quality medical services..

Under the thailand sun

When choosing a vacation in Thailand, a tourist, firstly, must take care of some vaccinations, and secondly, about sunscreens, given the mercilessly scorching Thai sun. Thirdly, do not forget about the local exoticism, carefully taste new dishes and products. It is better to refuse street tastings altogether, since no one will give guarantees of the quality of the initial products and compliance with minimum technologies..

In crowded places, a tourist should not be given a single chance to pickpockets, tightly clutching the most valuable thing. Better yet, leave money and jewelry for storage in the hotel safe and calmly walk along the streets, enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature and attractions.

Unusual taste

There are familiar and familiar products in Thailand, the same rice can be found everywhere and always. Only sauces and gravies can be exotic in taste and ingredients. Coconut milk is added to both the first and second, and also served with dessert.

Beef or pork, familiar to Europeans, is rarely served here and its cost is quite high. But in an abundance of seafood and rivers, so you will have to prepare for numerous tastings for those tourists who adore seafood.

Leisure and culture

Most tourists during their vacation in Thailand only manage to master the beaches, bars, restaurants. But some advanced travelers specially come here to get acquainted with the amazing culture of ancient civilizations that have left their traces and monuments. They rush to leave Bangkok to go to the old Siamese capital, where the ruins of temples and palaces have been preserved. Not far from the same Bangkok, there is a statue of Buddha, which is the largest in the world..

In Northern Thailand, where a rare tourist arrives, you can get acquainted with dozens of ancient cities and national traditions of Thais.

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