Independent travel to Tunisia

Independently to Tunisia

Independently to Tunisia

A bit of France in salty sea water - that's what Tunisia is! This Mediterranean North African resort is preferred by fans of thalassotherapy, spa treatments, relatively calm beach holidays compared to neighboring countries and excellent cuisine. Families, couples, with children and parents fly to Tunisia on their own - the country can offer any conditions for a different wallet.

Entry formalities

A Russian citizen does not need a visa to travel to Tunisia. It is enough to take a passport with you, the validity of which expires no earlier than three months later. The detachable part of the immigration card filled out at the airport should be carefully kept until leaving the country..
Direct flights to the capital are operated by local airlines, and during the beach season, you can independently get to Tunisia by one of the many charters..

Dinars and spending

Tunisian dinars are easy to get at an exchange office, bank branch or at the reception of any hotel by converting dollars or euros. It is better to use credit cards only for withdrawing cash from ATMs. They are not universally accepted as a means of payment, and it is easier to avoid fraud in this way. ATMs issue only local currency, and the reverse conversion of unspent dinars into dollars or euros is possible on the way back at the airport with the presentation of an exchange receipt.

  • A good room in a beach hotel in Monastir or Sousse will cost you at least $ 50, and the hotel will not be too new and modern. The hotel fund in Tunisia was created several decades ago and there are no sparkling facades here..
  • A taxi or bus ride is twice as expensive, but neither will be too expensive. In a taxi, it is worth making sure that the meter is turned on or agreeing on the price in advance without getting into the car. But it is better to refrain from renting a car - locals are in no hurry to comply with the traffic rules.
  • Independently in Tunisia, you can go on an excursion to the Sahara. The price of the issue is about $ 100.
  • Choosing a carpet as a souvenir, you can and should bargain. The most expensive copies with an initial price of $ 700, subject to skillful bargaining, are given in the end for $ 400. Popular extra virgin olive oil can be found for $ 5 per liter, dates for $ 7 per kilogram, and local cheeses for $ 10 per head. (All prices are approximate and given in USD as of August 2015).


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