Christmas in Istanbul - photos, reviews

Christmas in Istanbul

Christmas in Istanbul

Celebrating Christmas in Istanbul, travelers will be able to touch the history and stroll around the city, as well as spend their leisure time in an unusual way..

Features of the celebration of Christmas in Istanbul

In the country as such, Christmas is not celebrated - on this day even all institutions work, but on New Year's Eve (Noel) the Turks decorate Christmas trees and give each other gifts, and often on the eve of the holiday you can see illuminated streets and shopping centers.

It is worth noting that many Christian tourists come to Istanbul at Christmas, so Christians prepare a stuffed turkey for the holiday - the hostesses treat family members and invited guests with this dish. If you are interested in festive lunches and dinners, the "Pop-up" restaurant is at your service (the "Night before Christmas" program is organized here). For the same purpose, you can go to the "Aqua" restaurant, located in the "Four Seasons" hotel on the Bosphorus.

In addition, visiting nightclubs that develop a festive menu and a special program, as well as watching Turkish television (entertainment programs are broadcast on holidays) will help tourists immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere..

Entertainment and celebrations in Istanbul

You can visit the Christmas services in the churches of St. Anthony of Padua (the service is held in English, Turkish and Italian), St. Mary Draperis (you will have a festive service and a festive hymn), Saints Peter and Paul (the service is held in Italian).

Having found themselves on the Christmas holidays in Istanbul, travelers are recommended to go on a night boat trip along the Bosphorus - dinner and an interesting entertainment program will be waiting for them. In addition, it is worth taking the excursion "Tour of Two Continents", which involves visiting the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Church, Egyptian Bazaar, Topkapi Palace.

Christmas markets in Istanbul

A traditional German Christmas market (starting on December 6 in the Beyoglu district): worth stopping by for decorations, Christmas sweets, tasty souvenirs, crafts and Christmas tree decorations from Germany.

Istanbul International Women's Christmas Festival (Hilton Convention Center, Taksim District, December 7): Here you can buy Turkish souvenirs and souvenirs from other countries. And this event will delight little guests with a special area where Santa Claus will be waiting for them..

On the eve of the New Year, festive sales are held in Istanbul, so you should delight yourself with shopping (do not forget to buy souvenirs and gifts not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones), and you should definitely look at the Grand Bazaar to get carpets, ceramics, jewelry and other products (bargaining, you can reduce the price of the goods).


  • Christmas in Istanbul
  • Christmas in Istanbul
  • Christmas in Istanbul