Where to eat in Dubai - inexpensive and tasty

Where to eat in Dubai?

Where to eat in Dubai?

Going on vacation to the UAE? Wondering where to eat in Dubai? You will be able to satisfy your hunger, both in fashionable restaurants at hotels, and in small street cafes..

Since over the years the cuisine of Dubai has absorbed the culinary traditions of the whole world, in local food establishments, in addition to traditional Arab dishes and oriental sweets, you can find Japanese sushi, French oysters, Italian pizza, Ukrainian borscht, American hamburgers ...

The city has “thematic” restaurants such as Hard Rock Caf and Planet Hollywood; and chain restaurants Trader Visc, Blue Elephant. Dubai restaurants are famous for their high level of service, so you should take a closer look at Al Hadheerah, opened at the Jumeirah Bad Al Shams Desert (Arab nights are held here), as well as Lebanese House (here you can enjoy Arabian delicacies - grilled pigeons, lentil soup).

Where to eat in Dubai inexpensively?

You can have an inexpensive snack by visiting the Al Shafah Bakery (pizza and all kinds of buns are excellent here), as well as fast food restaurants McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, Dunkin Donuts.

Another place where you can have a quick and inexpensive snack is Student Biryani: here you will be offered to try a specialty - biryani (basmati rice with meat, fish, vegetables or eggs).

Where to eat in Dubai delicious?

  • Bateaux Dubai: If you're in the mood for a gourmet dining experience, visit this floating restaurant. Here you will find live music, French delights, European dishes, Arabic snacks.
  • Rhodes Twenty 10: This restaurant offers its guests to enjoy Asian and European cuisines, including grilled meats. It should be noted that here each visitor will be able to independently compose a dish in accordance with their taste preferences, thereby acquiring a unique culinary experience..
  • Spectrum On One: This international restaurant specializes in Indian, European, Middle Eastern, Japanese cuisine. Here the chefs control by radio so that orders for one table are ready at the same time..
  • Troyka: This establishment is a Russian cuisine restaurant. Here you can enjoy the dishes of this cuisine surrounded by walls and ceilings painted with traditional Russian themes. And after 22:30 it is worth coming to the restaurant for live music and a corps de ballet performance.

Dubai food tours

You can come to Dubai during the period of the Gastronomic Festival - at this time you can attend culinary master classes from famous chefs and mouth-watering tastings, take part in musical and entertainment events and competitions.

Modern Dubai is famous for hundreds of comfortable hotels, water parks, shopping and craft centers, exotic markets and modern boutiques, restaurants where you can taste Arabic and other cuisines of the world.


  • Where to eat in Dubai?
  • Where to eat in Dubai?
  • Where to eat in Dubai?