Ajman beaches: photo, video. Best sandy beaches in Ajman (UAE)

Beaches in Ajman

Beaches in Ajman

What is so special about a vacation in Ajman? This is the smallest emirate with its own special flavor. And even though there are not so many entertainments here, in order to enjoy the rest, you can not only indulge in the nightclub life. And it is not at all necessary to devote your vacation to shopping. For shopping it is better to send to Dubai or Sharjah. But a trip around Ajman will be exciting for another reason: all the highways of the emirate pass through such beautiful and picturesque places, where you will be greeted by amazing landscapes.

And the most amazing beaches from this point of view will be the beaches of Ajman. Surprisingly white - as much as blue - the sand is adjacent to the azure sea. Such sand can remind many people of finely ground edible salt. It is so unusual when, even in incredible heat, the beach looks like a snowy plain, and only shallow, often funnel-shaped footprints on it can betray the fact that this is not snow at all by the sea. Whereas in the snow, the tracks are always deep and clear, until the next snowfall hides them..

And if we are talking about seasons and weather, then we note that Ajman has a tropical desert climate. For our man, here is a very hot summer - the air temperature can reach + 50 ° С. Nevertheless, in all buildings it is considered the norm to keep air conditioners turned on around the clock, so in the room you can reliably hide from the heat during its peak hours..

But it is best to rest in Ajman in winter, as the air temperature here drops to + 25 ° C, and the water temperature drops to + 20 ° C. Therefore, a beach holiday is possible here all year round..


The best sandy beaches of Ajman have become the real pride of the UAE. Not only do they have a unique charm and charm, they also allow you to spend your vacation in peace and quiet. The magnificent greenery of the palm trees stands out beautifully against the background of the white sand. Here you will be greeted by the gentle warm sun and crystal clear sea water of the Persian Gulf. If you choose a hotel located on the first line, you can use the entire beach infrastructure for free. You just need to keep in mind local customs: women with children under 10 years old are given access to some beaches for swimming on special days when men do not visit the beach..

In general, the beaches in this emirate are suitable for families with children. It is not so crowded here, besides, the descent into the water is very gentle. A favorite pastime on such a beach is associated with a barbecue, so there are many equipped places for this. There are also playgrounds, various cafes and a designated area for playing volleyball..

To the delight of tourists from non-Muslim countries, the free sale of alcoholic beverages is allowed here. Many people associate this fact with the Russian diaspora, whose representatives live on the coast of the bay in large numbers..

Most visited hotels in Ajman

Since the beach areas belong mainly to hotels, here is a list of them:

  1. Ajman Kempinski
  2. Tulip Inn Royal Suites Ajman
  3. Ramada Hotel & Suites Ajman
  4. Safir Dana Beach
  5. Ajman Beach

Photos of the beaches of Ajman

  • Beaches in Ajman
  • Beaches in Ajman
  • Beaches in Ajman
  • Beaches in Ajman
  • Beaches in Ajman