UAE flag: photo, history, meaning of the colors of the national flag of the United Arab Emirates

UAE flag

UAE flag

In 1971, the independent state of the United Arab Emirates was formed, and on the same day, December 2, one of the state symbols of the new country, the UAE flag, was adopted. It has the shape of a rectangle, the length of which is relative to the width in a 2: 1 ratio. The fabric is divided into four parts, made of fabrics of different colors..

Along the flagpole there is a vertical stripe of bright red color, which occupies a quarter of the length of the rectangle. The rest of the field is represented by three horizontal stripes of equal width. The bottom one is black, the middle one is white, and the top one is green..

Residents of the Emirates are proud of their flag and believe that it reflects all the wealth of their homeland, the strength of the spirit of its inhabitants, the beauty of nature. The flag, according to analysts, symbolizes the process of phased framing of the Constitution of the country and the rights of its citizens, speaks of the endurance and pride of the people of the UAE.

The vertical red stripe is the basis of the panel. Its symbolism lies in the fact that it seems to embrace the staff and speaks of the extraordinary strength and proud greatness of the spirit of citizens. The red stripe is the basis on which political and moral foundations were formed, which are unshakably stored not only in government buildings, but also in the hearts of ordinary people..

The green stripe on the UAE flag speaks of the great power of Islam and the importance of this religion in the lives of the citizens of the Emirates. The foundations of Islam are the main pillars on which every true believer rests. This religion replaces them with many things, and therefore its role is so great in the upbringing and formation of the national character. And the green color on the flag symbolizes youth and strength of nature, which in this country is as strong and powerful as it is severe..
The white island on the cloth is a symbol of purity and tolerance. These are the main social values ​​for the citizens of the UAE, their main baggage and those priorities that are passed on by them from generation to generation..

The black field is an indication of the main material wealth of the homeland. Black is the color of oil, the "black gold" reserve of the United Arab Emirates. Found in the 1920s in this region, oil has played such a big role in the development and formation of the country that it has created the very economic miracle that the whole world knows today under the name of the UAE. Today, under its flag, this state proudly demonstrates to guests the achievements of advanced construction and engineering ideas, making them admire and be amazed at human capabilities..

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