Holidays in the UAE in May: prices and weather. Where to relax in the UAE in May

Holidays in the UAE in May

Holidays in the UAE in May

Persian waters become the cherished dream of many tourists who have heard the stories of their colleagues about a wonderful trip to the heavenly Emirates. Holidays in the UAE in May are ready to satisfy all the requests of capricious and not so travelers, and will also help to save a certain amount on the tour package due to the end of the high season.

Weather in UAE in May

The weather conditions of the last month of spring in the United Arab Emirates begin to amaze even a seasoned tourist. True lovers of hot weather begin to think about changing their vacation spot. Air-conditioned hotels will make your stay in the room comfortable, shopping and entertainment centers also maintain an optimal microclimate.

But the air temperature in May drastically reduces the time spent on the street or on the beach during the day. The thermometer conquers the +36 ° C mark in Dubai, +37 ° C in Fujairah and breaks records in Abu Dhabi, where +38 ° C. Accordingly, the temperature of the water surface is in the range from +23 ° C to +27 ° C.

Beach vacation

The high season in the UAE is approaching its finale, the number of tourists is decreasing every day, it becomes freer on the beaches and in shopping centers. Well-developed beach infrastructure allows both adults and young tourists to find optimal entertainment.

But hot weather leads to the fact that you can only appear on the beaches in the early morning, sunbathing in the shade, and in the late afternoon. Sandstorms can be an unpleasant surprise.

Excursion to Dubai

Dubai is called one of the most liberal resort cities in the UAE. Considering that the country is Muslim and adheres to many traditions, it is in Dubai that they meet tourists halfway, especially in terms of nightlife.

On the other hand, the city surprises tourists during the day, with its incredible architecture and the tallest building in the world. The tower, named after the Burj Khalifa, rises to the skies at a height of 828 meters. The observation deck of the tower is located on the 124th floor, but few dare to look at the city from such a height..

Tourism exhibition

In May, an international exhibition opens in the capital of the UAE, and various tourism organizations are honored to attend. This is an important event called «Arab travel market», held under the patronage of top officials of the state.

The annual growth of the exhibition indicators is 10%, national tourism organizations from all continents of the planet become participants. Visitors here will learn about the main directions of development of the tourism business, new initiatives and projects..

Vacation photos in the UAE

  • Holidays in the UAE in May
  • Holidays in the UAE in May