Holidays in Great Britain are traditions. UK National Holidays

Holidays of the UK

Holidays of the UK

Holidays in Great Britain are both holidays on which no one works, and holidays that are not weekends, but in honor of which special events are arranged.

Major UK Holidays

  • New Year: the night of January 1, the British spend with family and friends or go to some entertainment institution, and at noon in London, a New Year's parade is held (a colorful procession from Parliament Square to Piccadilly) with the participation of dancers, musicians, acrobats.
  • Christmas (December 25): on the eve of the holiday, it is customary to decorate dwellings with bunches of berries and coniferous branches, as well as hang a mistletoe over the door (having met under it, a man and a woman must kiss). On this day, everyone gathers at a table where baked turkey, Yorkshire pudding, mini sausages wrapped in bacon, and Christmas pudding are always present. And the next day (December 26) is Boxing Day.
  • Queen's birthday: this event is celebrated twice a year - on April 21, Elizabeth II spends in a circle of loved ones, accepting congratulations, and on Monarch's Day, on the first Saturday of June, everyone can attend a solemn military parade, and in the evening - at a festive ball in Buckingham Palace.
  • Spring Day: By the last Monday in May, the British decorate the streets and houses with bouquets and garlands of spring flowers. And on the day of the holiday itself, fairs and exhibitions are opened, and concerts are organized. In addition, everyone can take part in the carnival processions..

Event tourism in the UK

Traveling to the UK as part of an event tour, you will be able to attend the Royal Horse Races, the Robin Hood Festival, the Flower and Chocolate Celebrations, and cheer for the Cheese Head Rolling Competition.

A visit to the country should be planned for August, when the UK is hosting the Notting Hill Carnival (if you are going to take part in it, you should dress in extravagant or fancy clothes). This festival lasts for 2 days and is accompanied by dances and songs, as well as fairs where you can taste different food. In addition, on the streets you can find famous musicians playing for everyone..

For tennis fans, tours are organized, during which you can visit the Wimbledon tournament (held on grass courts). It is worth noting that at this famous event, guests are offered to taste fresh strawberries with cream. In addition, if you wish, you can visit the Tennis Museum, where exhibits related to the history of this sport, as well as collections of balls, sports uniforms, rackets ...

Since the national composition of the population has somewhat changed in the UK in recent years, the calendar with traditional British holidays has been replenished with new ones. So, here they celebrate the Chinese New Year, Hanukkah, Eid al-Adha and other holidays..


  • Holidays of the UK
  • Holidays of the UK
  • Holidays of the UK